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At BIT 2013 a customised route for each traveller

BIT planets: Customised visits for 4 profiles: Nature, Adventure, Culture and Taste
New visit experiences: Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, with separation of the business zone
Italy: 4 thematic macro-areas dedicated to the food and wine, cultural, naturalistic and sport offers
The world: destinations around the world
Destinations: among the already confirmed countries, Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Cyprus, Croatia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Ethiopia, Japan, Hungary, India, Israel, Lebanon, Madagascar, the Maldives, Malaysia, Malta, Namibia, Russia, Serbia, Seychelles, Thailand, Tunisia, the USA, Yemen
Special guest country: China

MILAN – There are those who love open-air vacations and those who prefer excitement. There are people who aim towards art and history and others who instead prefer to taste local food and wine. There as many ways to travel as there are travellers, and each one should be able to find his or her own custom-made trip.

This is the spirit of one of the major new features of the next Bit – Borsa Internazionale del Turismo (International Exchange for Tourism), at Fieramilano from Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 February 2013. By registering for an application available on Facebook “What kind of traveller are you?”, active starting from 22 November, travellers can discover in advance, by means of a fun quiz-test, which “planet” they belong to: Nature, Adventure, Culture or Taste. One need only choose their own favourite fun fact out of a series of 300 couples – for instance, between “The Eiffel Tower is 15 cm taller in summer” or “There is 3G coverage at the summit of Mount Everest”. And, once at the event, the profile will transform itself into a customised visit route.

“The strength of Bit – explains Marco Serioli, Manager of Exhibitions Division of Fiera Milano – is in its multi-target formula, in constant evolution, which allows the offer of the proposals that are most well suited to all the visitor types, from the various categories of professional operators to the most varied profiles of travellers. The specialisation of the exposition routes and the specific proposals of the new concept, such as the thematic areas in the Italy area make this formula even more effective: in Bit 2013, more business for the operators and more custom proposals for the travellers”.

But it doesn’t end here with the new things invented to make the experience of a visit to Bit 2013 even more intense. In the weekend open to the public, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 February from 9:30 to 6:30, the route for the visitors will be separated from the area reserved for the operators, making the visit even more linear and complete.  Open to the public will be the Italy sector (pav. 1/3), dedicated to the Italian regions, where the visitor will find four thematic macro-areas focused respectively to the food and wine, cultural, naturalistic and sport offer, and the sector denominated The World (pav. 2/4) which will present destinations from every continent.

There is just so much to choose from. Among the many countries that have already confirmed their presence at Bit 2013, from Europe standing out are Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Ireland, Russia, Serbia and Hungary. The Mediterranean basin presents its jewels Egypt, Israel, and Tunisa. From across the Atlantic, there are proposals from Argentina, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and the United States. Among the more unusual destinations, Bangladesh and Yemen from Asia, together with the more popular ones, Japan, India, the Maldives and Thailand. Africa is represented by Ethiopia and Namibia next to Madagascar and Seychelles.

Some travel suggestions from the “Bit Planets”?
Those with a “Nature” profile can try the spectacular itineraries along the western coast of Ireland, with the spectacular Cliffs of Moher and the Slieve Leagues, or the fortresses immersed in the woods of the Northern County in Croatia. For the “Adventure” travellers, unbeatable is the Rift Valley in Ethiopia, in the footsteps of one of the most ancient ancestors of man, and Argentina with the Iguazú Falls and the red canyons of the National Park of Talampaya. The “Culture” profiles can aim towards the Middle East, with the archaeological remains of Tripoli and Baalbek in Lebanon and the fascinating cities of the Holy Land in Israel. The compass of the “Taste” traveller instead is pointed towards the near north, with Austria and its fabulous sweets featured in the coming Christmas markets.  

But the true revelation of this year is China, which will in fact be the Special Guest Country at Bit 2013. In 2011, the Celestial Empire recorded a record number of visitors from our country, over 240 thousand. The preferred destinations are especially the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army of Xi’an and the Forbidden City of Peking. But the Italians, tracing the steps of Marco Polo, also are very fond of the Silk Road. And they also love the futuristic Chinese metropolises, with Canton and Shanghai taking the lead, in addition to the capital.

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