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CAISSA Tourism Group presents inbound tour routes

Today, the products of CAISSA Tourism Group encompass more than 100 countries and regions, and its global network is rapidly gaining ground.

BERLIN – CAISSA Tourism Group presented 12 "inbound-themed" routes as a step further into the domestic segment.

CAISSA Tourism Group speeds up internationalization
CAISSA Tourism Group was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1993. The past 24 years have taken CAISSA Tourism Group from Europe to China and the world. Thus, the next step will lead the company closer to its ultimate status as a leader in global tourism.

Today, the products of CAISSA Tourism Group encompass more than 100 countries and regions, and its global network is rapidly gaining ground. For example, CAISSA Tourism Group has six branches in Hamburg, Frankfurt, Paris, London and Los Angeles, as well as subsidiaries in 50 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang and Chengdu in China. This network has amplified CAISSA Tourism Group's ability to offer integrated services to domestic and foreign tourists. Indeed, the network of sales and marketing is simultaneously expanding and growing denser.

Additionally, CAISSA Tourism Group has enhanced its control over resources by deepening cooperation with more than 12,000 travel suppliers around the world through a comprehensive airline-travel mode. CAISSA Tourism Group is committed in its effort to be a full-fledged tour operator with a presence throughout the entire industrial chain, offering high-quality products as the core, online-offline integrated sales and management as the means, global layout as the support, and quality tourism resource as the guarantee.

As a flagship business under HNA Group, a Fortune 500 company, it enjoys smooth development of the industrial chain by relying on the parent's global airline and hotel resources.

Integrated services and diversified products drive forward the development of inbound tourism
The rapidly developing Chinese tourism market has customarily been regarded as the "meat and potatoes" of the world's tourism industry, inbound tourism has received the same close attention. In 2016, the inbound tourism to China maintained growth of 3.8% with 138 million inbound tourists.

The development of all-China tourism, for example, has given that segment an endogenous power. Consequently, the growing international airline capacity and the changing RMB exchange rate have brought forth new opportunities for inbound tourism, together with continuously optimized policy environment for inbound travel. Moreover, the Belt and Road Initiative has been conducive to inbound tourism in that it has created new channels and opportunities, as the China Tourism Academy has indicated.

Product development has always been a pillar of CAISSA Tourism Group's success. The 12 inbound travel routes being announced are noteworthy, as they include the Zen tour to famous mountains and temples, a traditional drama tour, the Silk Road tour, the Eurasian Silk Road special rail tour and so on. All these products are designed to boost inbound tourism from multiple perspectives such as culture, gastronomy, outdoor sports and cruising, as part of an effort to remain consistent with the Belt and Road Initiative and present the charm of a "beautiful China".

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