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Brazil`s new position in ICCA ranking gives incentive to events tourism

The ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), an international association that annually classifies countries holding events…

The ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association), an international association that annually classifies countries holding events, is a worldwide reference for the principal promoters in the sector when choosing a host country. With the 106 international events it held in 2004, Brazil has joined the association`s top 15 for the first time, occupying 14th place. The new Brazilian position, the best classification of all Latin American countries, should attract even more events here. Ever since 2003 when Brazil was in 21st place in the ranking, the EMBRATUR (Brazilian Tourism Institute) by means of its Events Tourism Managing body has been acting directly in giving support to the attracting of international events to the country and to promoting them overseas.

The position Brazil holds in the ranking is the result of its own labors. It is an important tool for promoting and selling the destination given that promoters of international events use ICCA statistics in making their decisions, declares Maria Jose Alves, the body`s Manager for Latin America, reminding us that today, Brazil has a policy of supporting and promoting international events to be found in very few other countries. The proof of this is that in just one year the number of events has almost tripled and Brazil has gone up five places in the ranking, jumping from 19th position in 2003 to 14th position in the latest list…an exceptional result.

The 106 international events held in Brazil in 2004 were responsible for an influx of US$ 45 million and they received 87 thousand participants including Brazilians and foreigners. The city that most received events was Rio de Janeiro (RJ) having hosted 34 in 2004 in which 25 thousand people participated, generating around US$ 12 million. These events obey criteria established by the ICCA whereby an event is considered to be international when it is itinerant, has a fixed periodicity, can count on a minimum of 50 participants and is being held for at least the third time.

They are techno-scientific symposia, conferences and congresses that embrace the most diverse fields of knowledge, explains Vaniza Schuller, EMBRATUR`s manager for Events Tourism, reminding us that the business tourist has a differentiated profile and his daily spending is generally higher than that of the leisure tourist. In 2004 the management of this sector was active in attracting 32 international events. Distributed among ten Brazilian cities, these gatherings should generate an estimated influx of US$ 32 million in the country. This is without taking into account companions and pre and post-event trips as well as the benefits which each one of these events brings for the development of its sectors and for the exchanging of information. The effects of confidence and credibility generated by this ascension in the ICCA rankings are fundamental for the sector. Our next step is to make even better efforts to put Brazil in the Association`s TOP 10, says Juarez Augusto de Carvalho Filho, president of the Abeoc (Brazilian Association of Events Enterprises), EMBRATUR`s partner in attracting international events.

National entities affiliated to international organizations and interested in presenting their candidatures for hosting a gathering in Brazil can seek EMBRATUR support for attracting it provided that the event obeys ICCA criteria. Producing a bidding book, preparing presentations, contacting federal bodies, participating in technical visits of inspection, as well as promoting the event once it has been attracted, are just some of the Institute`s actions in the process of attraction which has, as partners, the Convention Bureaux, official bodies and professional and trade associations.

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