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PhoCusWright's Latin American Online Travel Overview

PhoCusWright announces partnership with Outback Consulting to cover Latin America markets

Travel industry research authority PhoCusWright Inc. announces a partnership with Latin American travel research and consulting firm Outback Consulting. Outback will spearhead PhoCusWright research and sales throughout Latin America.

Currently, PhoCusWright and Outback are collaborating on a followup to the landmark 2011 study, PhoCusWright’s Latin American Online Travel Overview. That study provided market sizing and trends for Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru, revealing a diverse Latin America travel market. PhoCusWright projects the travel market will top US$68 billion in 2012, when the region’s online leisure/unmanaged business gross bookings will exceed $14 billion.

As PhoCusWright’s sales organization in Latin America, Outback will connect global and local travel, tourism and hospitality companies with PhoCusWright’s industry-standard research, data, analysis and strategic insight. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Outback partners Gonzalo Rossi, Daniel Feige and Julian Benavento have a combined 60 years of travel industry experience.

"This partnership provides PhoCusWright with a strong presence in the booming Latin America travel marketplace," said Bruce Rosard, vice president sales and marketing for PhoCusWright. "We are extremely pleased to be working with such an experienced group that enables us to establish a firm presence for both research and sales throughout the region."

"PhoCusWright is the recognized leader for travel industry research around the world," said Outback Consulting senior partner Gonzalo Rossi. "We have high expectations for this partnership and are sure we will jointly provide the region and the rest of the global travel market with unseen insight into the travel and business dynamo Latin America has become," added Daniel Feige, senior partner for Outback Consulting.

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