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City Sightseeing shows the world again post-COVID

City Sightseeing Worldwide sends a message of optimism to the travel industry with the first re-openings of its operations and announcing three brand new destinations by the end of 2020.

SEVILLE, SPAIN – City Sightseeing Worldwide shows the world again after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the brand to interrupt services provided by its more than 100 operations on six continents. Since the end of May, City Sightseeing Berlin and City Sightseeing Kiel (Germany); City Sightseeing Sharjah (United Arab Emirates [UAE]); and City Sightseeing Kazan (Russia); and City Sightseeing Moscow and City Sightseeing St. Petersburg (Russia), together with City Sightseeing San Antonio (USA) since June have been running. During the summer, the majority of the company's operations in popular tourist destinations will also resume services.

City Sightseeing operations in Germany, UAE, Russia and the United States have become the first to apply the new health and safety measures imposed by their respective governments. Sharing their experiences in different markets, these good practices will allow City Sightseeing to standardise a protocol against contagion throughout its network. The company will enforce these measures on its open-top tours on buses and boats, as well as its guided walking tours, to offer safe attractions to travellers and the residents of the cities where the brand operates.

In addition to the return of activity, City Sightseeing launches a message of confidence in the industry, announcing the plan to open three new exciting destinations by the end of 2020. This will allow the brand to expand its presence in Asia, one of tourism's fastest-growing markets, and Europe, by launching in one of the touristic capitals of the continent, and feature over 100 destinations in 35 countries on six continents in its portfolio.

City Sightseeing Berlin has resumed activity offering its usual tour with two routes and 25 stops passing by the German capital's most emblematic places. This is the first hop-on-hop-off service in a large world capital to restart after the COVID-19 outbreak. All this has been possible by applying the measures mandated and recommended by the German government, something City Sightseeing Kiel did a week earlier and City Sightseeing Trier since last week when services started again.

City Sightseeing Sharjah has started circulating again in one of the countries where the pandemic has had little impact. Once again, the City Sightseeing tour shows visitors the Cultural Capital of the Arab world following a health and safety protocol which includes the use of masks and gloves by passengers and staff, disinfecting the buses and taking a passenger's temperature before he/she hops on.

City Sightseeing Moscow, which provides hop-on-hop-off tours in the capital of the Russian Federation, and City Sightseeing St. Petersburg, a massive tourist destination in the country, joined the first operation in Russia to resume its service, City Sightseeing Kazan. Some of the measures adopted include using only the top deck of the bus, using a chess-like order for seating passengers, recommending the use of masks and gloves, and regularly disinfecting the seats and railings.

Since 12th June, City Sightseeing San Antonio drives passengers again through the city's finest attractions and landmarks, including the Alamo and the 18th-century San Fernando Cathedral.

Over the next few months, many City Sightseeing operations in main tourist destinations will also resume activity, including those in the popular cities in Spain, Italy, France, and the United States.

Enrique Ybarra, President and CEO of City Sightseeing, said: "COVID-19 has stopped the world and we are all very affected by the terrible consequences it is having on people's health. It is encouraging to see that some countries are managing to reduce infections, allowing them to return to business. We are happy to announce the return of four operations, to which some more will be added in the coming weeks. All this allows us to dream that we will soon recover our lives."

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