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Costa Diadema: An innovative contemporary design for the “Regina del Mediterraneo”

The new flagship of Costa Cruises fleet, Costa Diadema, will make guests live their best holidays and appreciate its unique style and decor with an Italian touch.

HONG KONG – Costa Diadema, the upcoming “Regina del Mediterraneo” (Queen of the Mediterranean Sea) to be christened in Genoa on November 7, will be the new flagship of Costa fleet and a cutting-edge vessel. She will amaze guests with its elegant style and make them live unforgettable holidays.

Costa Cruises engaged the architect Joseph Farcus, a real master of design, for the project of the new flagship. Joseph Farcus has developed cruise ships’ projects for 35 years and has collaborated with Costa Cruises constantly since 2000. The design philosophy of Costa Diadema is an evolution of Farcus’ style: new functions, circulation patterns and a new layout were created for Costa Diadema, giving guests the possibility to experience the best cruise holiday.

The whole project of the ship is based on “pure design” and aims to affect the emotions of every guest. “The design philosophy is a sophisticated contemporary design – stated Farcus – We have been trying to create special designs, which affect the emotions of the guests indicating to them they are sailing in a very special environment created for their leisure and delivering them to the real destination, their dreams!”

“What guests on the quay will notice first is the ship’s added height resulting from an added deck” continues Joseph Farcus. “The top area has been increased and there will be more areas dedicated to sunbathing, sports and a children’s park and pool. Furthermore, the bow and stern have been redesigned giving a more streamlined appearance. However
the most notable feature will be the super open promenade deck surrounding the ship at deck 5”.

From Costa Diadema’s outdoor “Promenade” it will be possible to enjoy a spectacular view of the sea. The longest “Promenade” of the fleet features a yacht-like design and will provide a 500 meters walk. Bars and restaurants overlooking it will make guests live the typical atmosphere of the Mediterranean summer.

The interior design of Costa Diadema has the style of the most enchanting vessels, especially for the decor and the materials used, with an Italian touch as well: indeed 90% of the chairs onboard are products of Italian designers. Refined details are present in each corner of Costa Diadema, like the glass mosaics that elegantly decorate many areas of the flagship, as along the open-air “Promenade” and at the Pizzeria. Classy details pervade also other spaces like the Samsara Restaurant, where the striped marble wall includes art recesses with artworks inspired by Japanese theatrical masks. Moreover, guests will be amazed by the golden walls of the onboard Casino, where small light bulbs will enlighten the room and give a sparkling effect.

The “Eliodoro Atrium”, the first place guests will see on the ship when getting on board, is a crossroads for everyone and the busiest, liveliest place of the ship. It will enchant guests, descending in one of the four panoramic lifts and admiring the beautiful surroundings. A cascade of droplets of light that look like real jewels, curvy, wavy designs, mother-of-pearl decorations and the marble all create a three-dimensional, fluid perception that reflects the essence of Costa Diadema.

The elegant decor will characterize especially the main pool area, Lido Diana – at deck 10 – where guests can comfortably sunbathe on the luxurious water sofas, which are built directly in the pool at both sides. It is decorated in the white fiberglass walls trimmed in teak wood giving the same luxury yacht-like appearance of the open-air promenade of deck 5.

All these features will surprise guests, who will be able to find out elegant details, never noticed before, and discover new aspects of Costa Diadema, little by little. An area that will become very popular – at deck 4 – is the shops’ area, the largest ever on any Costa’s ship. The space extends beam to beam on the ship with a meandering walkway
through it, giving the appearance and feeling of a large and very high-end department store, including the sales’ space “Portobello Road”.

“We have worked very closely with Costa’s shop experts to create a layout of the highest standard for today’s shopping trends to give the guests the most pleasant shopping experience second to none ashore. We even have a dedicated Porto Bello Road area for super sale events and merchandise, completing the sophistication of the shopping experience aboard” explains Farcus.

Some important new features have been introduced especially on deck 5, which appears to be an absolute novelty for the various dining services and venues, overlooking at the openair Promenade. At the Birreria Dresden Garden, for instance, guests will feel like they are at an authentic beer garden, thanks to theme decorations in rustic wood. Another new
location introduced on board Costa Diadema is the Japanese Teppenyaki restaurant, where each chef will cook the entire meal on a griddle with the guests sitting around the polished granite counter. In this way, guests are served directly from the chef and they eat in a social way whilst having fun and appreciating special Japanese dishes. On deck 5, guests
can also taste a glass of good wine at the Vinoteca Grand Duca di Toscana, a drink at the Bollicine Bar or have a dinner at the exclusive Samsara Restaurant and “a la carte” Diadema Club Restaurant, while especially children will enjoy ice cream at the Gelateria Amarillo. Walking along the Promenade, guests will then reach the elegant Teodora Bar at the stern, where they can comfortably chill out.

Furthermore, a total of 6 cabanas, decorated as the public room they are next to, and 2 jacuzzis are positioned along the promenade, extending out from the side of the ship and creating the wonderful feeling of being suspended over the sea: an exciting experience that only guests of Costa Diadema will live.

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