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Costa Diadema: Regina del Mediterraneo’s Art Collection has a twist of pop art

Costa Cruises’ new flagship, that will be christened on November 7 in Genoa, is a tribute to regality. An incredible art collection and interiors especially crafted and designed for the “Regina del Mediterraneo” will welcome guests onboard.

HONG KONG – Costa Diadema, Costa Cruises’ new flagship that will be christened in Genoa on November 7, 2014, will fascinate her guests with an artistic project, which will blend in with its amazing design.

The subjects of the pieces of art especially crafted for Costa Diadema are all based on the concept of regality: the universe and its elements, the microcosm of precious stones, the sky and the constellations, which, far off in the distance, crown us and act as a universal diadem. But also regal symbols such as: buildings, architectonic dresses, jewels and pop queens.

The “Regina del Mediterraneo” will welcome her guests in a fascinating atmosphere where the spaces and art create an exclusive setting onboard with an imaginative dimension, which appeals to all, from Art lovers and collectors to those who encounter Art for the first time.

“The best ship I ever designed” has declared the “archistar” Joseph Farcus recently: Costa Diadema is cocoon to a number of incredible crafts by world recognized and emerging artists, selected by curator and artistic duo Casagrande&Recalcati who wanted several references to pop culture in the Costa Diadema artistic project with the artists, developing and taking inspiration from contemporary culture. In particular, pieces of art on board of Costa Cruises ships are especially commissioned to artists on the theme of the ship to fascinate the guests and make them live a dream onboard. Unlike the white walls of museums, on Costa Diadema the works are located in a very distinctive and rich environment, conceived and designed to excite and to catch the eye: as Art is patrimony to all, Costa Cruises – through its ships – makes it accessible to everyone in a natural and simple manner.

Costa Cruise’s new flagship will exhibit 7,671 pieces of art, reproductions and silk-screen prints thanks to the work of 41 artists (38 Italian), all involved to give their own free interpretation of the theme of regality through painting, sculpture, photography, graphics, architecture and design.

Among them world famous artists such as Sam Havadtoy or Mario Donizetti, and some of the most interesting emerging Italian artists such as Vanni Cuoghi, Resi Girardello, Andy, Roberta Savelli and Claudio Prestinari. The foreign artists involved in the project are currently living in Italy and their artworks result to be an authentic expression of this country that represents a real source of inspiration.

Among the pieces of art there are 190 original works, including the paintings in the suites and on the stairs, and other mixed media works at the entrance to the Theatre. The public areas, such as the Corona Blu Restaurant, Costa Diadema Club Restaurant, the Eliodoro Atrium and the Lido Diana will be particularly distinctive for other works of digital art (58 subjects) and 26 sculptures.

Walking through the open-air Promenade, which goes around the ship from stern to bow on deck 5, guests will be able to admire two large glass mosaics that embellish both left and right side of the walk, covering a total area of 134 square meters, and reproducing the Mediterranean coasts. Through Costa Diadema, Costa Cruises confirms its bond with Italian excellence as well as its passion and commitment to art. The relationship between art and architecture on board Costa’s ships is a legacy of the Italian Renaissance tradition when the artist was asked to enter into harmony with the architecture and there was a dialogue between painters, sculptors and architects aimed at making the building – such as in the case of Costa Diadema – a complete work of art symbol of Italy’s finest. Just like the Italian cities of art, which have become, during the centuries, actual open-air museums for the several artistic monuments they show, Costa Diadema will be a rich artistic environment to welcome onboard. Guests will be able to admire the artworks that surround them, feeling the real Italian mood.

The artists who have worked specifically for the Costa Diadema project are the Italian Piero Addis, Andy, Davide Avogadro, Roberto Bixio, Manuela Carrano, Casagrande&Recalcati, Vanni Cuoghi, Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, Mario Donizetti, Titti Garelli, Resi Girardello, Eloisa Gobbo, Marco Grassi, Riccardo Gusmaroli, Cristina Iotti, Vittorio Locatelli and Carlo Ninchi, Tiziana Lorenzelli, Flavio Lucchini, Francesca Marzorati, Francesco Merletti, Alberto Nodolini, Matteo Piazza, Annalisa Pirovano, Claudio Prestinari, Elisa Rossi, Roberta Savelli, Luisa Valentini, Antonella Piro, Virgilio Rospigliosi, Augusto Vignali, Toni Zanussi, the French Roger de Montebello, Nathalie du Pasquier and the English born Hungarian-American Sam Havadtoy.

Photo caption: AS – Andy, Flashback, 2014, fluo acrylic on panel 151×228,4.

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