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Cyprus Tourism’s new logo and brand identity

New logo will be open for use to all interested parties, as long as they fulfil the criteria set by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, that will be found on the corporate website.

The Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism launches its new Logo and Brand Identity and invites you to Love Cyprus all over again. "Throughout the years, our islands’ brand identity evolution featured various forms and notions, however the one that prevailed was that of Love. The love we have for our island, the love we share with our tourists for Cyprus, the love and hospitality we show our visitors when we welcome them to our country. We are a fusion of civilizations and cultures, a versatile destination, with an amalgamation of experiences to offer and of course everything is made possible through the love and care of the authentic hospitality our people so generously offer. It thus became clear, that we needed to reinvent and visualise the concept of Love Cyprus once more. 

Having a clear direction on this we had to think how to visually represent it. We started thinking of colours and forms. There were however key guidelines we wanted to keep. We wanted to create a logo that could facilitate this concept. A logo that would enable us to demonstrate the following:

  • Different perspectives.
  • Diverse experiences and pleasures.
  • Natural & cultural fusion.
  • A logo that would be flexible and adaptable.
  • A logo that could enable the communication activities without limiting their potential.
  • A logo that could remain fresh in time.
  • A logo that could work well in the digitally connected world we live and communicate in.

We started off with defining our colour palette in order to best represent all aspects of Cyprus: the sun (orange), our culture (yellow), the sky and the sea (blue) and finally the forests, the olive groves, our lush nature (green). Thus, our logo was formed by a fusion of these elements and colours. Next, we wanted to give it a more versatile nature, that could reflect the many elements of our country and represent all the special interests we have to offer. That is why we have created a highly adaptable logo, with a flexible colour palette and a fluid outline.

Having this aspect of our logo in mind we would also like to announce that our new logo will be open for use to all interested parties, as long as they fulfil the criteria set by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, that will be found on our corporate website. And on that note, we would like you to join and support our efforts to promote our country and Love Cyprus all over again!"

Tatiana Rokou

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