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Double the fun, speed and distance with Thamesjet by City Cruises

New twin RIBs have covered the same distance as travelling from London to Sydney… and back again.

Since the launch of City CruisesBlueThunder’s twin boat BlueLightning in spring this year, more than 8,000 people have taken to the Thames on these Thamesjet boats. That’s enough passengers to fill 70 double decker buses, and is equivalent to every resident in the City of London jumping on board.

The popularity of these two RIB sightseeing experiences only continues to increase. In the last five months alone, both boats have taken the equivalent of ten jumbo-jet passengers on board, undoubtedly taking the Thames by storm.

The exhilarating 75 minute adrenaline ride blasts passengers from Westminster to Canary Wharf – with a longer version or private hire available for those that want it. Along the way, passengers are treated to action-like commentary to help them take in the best sights with a twist – whizzing along at 40mph.

In order to celebrate the successes of all things double, City Cruises invited six pairs of twins to take to the Thames and experience the adrenaline-fueled jet experience. The twin boats gave passengers an action packed ride along the Thames, stopping harder, turning faster and beating all other ribs on the Thames for speed.

Kyle Haughton, MD of City Cruises says: “Having the all the twins on board was a great way to celebrate the successes of our twin Thamesjet cruises. We are thrilled that so many Londoners and tourists alike are enjoying the Thamesjet experience and we look forward to seeing more people enjoy this exciting product.

“With a 50% increase in the birth of twins in recent years, it is a big year for twins in the UK. And now, with double the passengers, boats and speed, there was no better way to take in the sights and sounds of London by jetting across The Thames on one of the Thamesjet twins, BlueThunder or Blue Lightning.”

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