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A 5% reduction in passenger capacity for Air France

Passenger business

The 5% reduction in capacity in June 2009 was insufficient to offset the drop in traffic (-6.4%). The
load factor remained high at 80.3% (-1.1 points). As in previous months, unit revenues were weak. The
group carried 6.4 million passengers (-7.0%).
– On the Americas network the decline in traffic and capacity were of the same order (-6.1% and -5.8%
respectively). The load factor stood at 86.8% (+0.3 points).
– The Asia network remained difficult, with a 10.8% drop in traffic despite a significant reduction in
capacity (-8.1%). The load factor dropped 2.4 points to 80.9%.
– Traffic on the Africa and Middle East network was stable (-0.2%) with capacity up by 2.2%. The load
factor was down 1.9 points to 78.0%.
– The Caribbean and Indian Ocean network recorded a traffic decline of 5.8%, below that of capacity
(-7.3%), leading to a 1.3 point improvement in load factor to 78.1%. 
– The European network saw a 6.8% decline in traffic with capacity down 3.9%. The load factor dropped
2.3 points to 72.8%.