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A moderate forecast for the winter in Cuba

The popularity of the holidays in Cuba for the Russian market has been growing constantly together with the Caribbean region in general. Despite the fact that a considerable growth is not expected this winter, the volumes of the air transportation will be increased.

Aeroflot will keep the volumes of last year and will have the flights 5 times a week, but Transaero will increase the number of the flights to Varadero up to 2 times a week. Moreover, according to some data, Transaero plans to fly from St. Petersburg to Cuba during the winter season. “The demand for the destination is equal to supply now”, thinks Marina Makarkova, TEZ Tour. Such point of view can be confirmed by other leading tour operators.

Nobody expects any boom of Cuba this winter; however all the participants of the marker note a steady demand of the Russians for the tours to this country. “We note a growth of the interest in the country for the last several years”, said Marina Makarkova.

“Earlier 4 flights of Aeroflot considered being an excessive volume; however during this summer the necessity of extra seats occurred from time to time. To my mind, the 5th flight will be to the point”,
assured Milana Mitkina, Russian Express.

However, besides the increase of the number of the flights, the market is waiting for the growth of the cost of the air transportation due to the increase of the price for air fuel, which will cause the rise in price of the tours for 10-15%.

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