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Domodedovo Airport: Punctuality at its height

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has announced the winners of its Most Punctual Russian and Foreign Passenger Airlines monthly contest.

MOSCOW – In July, the most punctual carriers in Moscow Domodedovo Airport were: Transaero, Nord Star, Polet, Avia Management Group, Aegean Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, Emirates, and SCAT.

“Emirates’ victory in its category in the Domodedovo Airport’s contest in July 2012, is an honor to Emirates and evaluates our work”, Egor Plakhov, Emirates Russia and CIS Director, said.“The operation of Emirates’ flights up to the schedule allows our clients to plan their trips with outmost accuracy and to fly to their destinations comfortably with reliable transfers at International Dubai Airport and Moscow Domodedovo Airport.”

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has created equal conditions for all air companies that participated in the contest, by dividing them into 8 categories by the flight schedule and passenger flow. In July, the leaders were: Transaero with 1933 just-in-time flights in the first category; Nord Start with 162 flights in the second category; and Polet with 356 flights in the third category. Avia Management Group topped the fourth category with 49 non-delayed flights. Leading foreign airlines are: Aegean Airlines, the 5th category (121 flights), Montenegro Airlines, the 6th category (104 flights), Emirates, the 7th category (61 flights), SCAT, 8th category (26 flights).

“We are proud that Moscow Domodedovo Airport awarded us the status of the most punctual airline in the category,” Grigory Bashkirev, the PR Department Director of Polet Airlines, underlined. “Our airline always maintains to our passengers commitments, and the strict rules of this contest based on the international standards which help us to improve the coordination of our efforts.”

Moscow Domodedovo Airport established this contest 5 years ago to improve the passenger services. Since then, the number of Russian and foreign partner airlines linking Moscow to the hundreds of destinations all over the world has grown by a third. According to that at 22 August 2012, the Airport hosts 84 airlines that operate 243 domestic and international flights, with flights unique for Moscow Region.