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EIBTM provides clean water to Ugandan children

EIBTM delegates have helped more than 900 Ugandan schoolchildren to gain access to clean water by supporting an initiative organised by the water-aid charity Just a Drop. The event raised £5,000 for the project through entries to the EIBTM Awards and by donating on behalf of senior level professionals attending the EIBTM CEO Summit instead of a gift.

The money has provided a borehole at Labourline Primary School in the Gulu District of Northern Uganda.

“We are delighted to be putting something back into this world”, said Paul Kennedy, Group Exhibition Director. ”Nothing could be more deserving than the children of Labourline School, who every day faced a terrible risk from polluted water. We want to thank the goodwill and generosity of EIBTM visitors whose kindness has helped make this happen.”

“Until now, because of dirty water, the children have been in danger of catching water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever.

“In addition, the provision of clean drinking water in the grounds has allowed the children to remain in class all day, rather than being sent to collect water from outside the school for drinking and cooking.

“In the past, Labourline School had either been collecting rainwater, which is very unhealthy, or were forced to send students out to queue at community boreholes which can take hours.”

Just a Drop was founded ten years ago on behalf of the travel and tourism industry and is supported by Reed Exhibitions, owners of EIBTM.

Founder, Fiona Jeffery said: "We cannot thank the EIBTM participants enough for committing to this very worthy cause by helping to save the lives of Ugandan children. This project has become a reality because of the meetings industry and its contribution to a world where sadly millions still cannot turn on a tap and access clean water.”