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The tourists had just arrived in Bourgas, Bulgaria

Eight people dead after terror attack against Israelis tourists

At least eight people were killed and 34 were suresly injured by a bombing at a bus full of Israelis tourists outside the airport of Bourgas on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, according to the country ‘s authorities. The police statements that it was a "terror attack"

According to BBC the officials said that the bombing was probably carried out by a male suicide bomber with fake US documents.

As BBC reports Bulgarian journalist Dobromir Dovkacharov, who arrived at the scene about 30 minutes after the blast, said: "I saw three buses completely burnt out – just the metal bars were left.

"There were crowds of people around, very distressed. One man said he saw decapitated heads. Others spoke of body parts flying through the air," Mr Dovkacharov said.

"All the signs lead to Iran," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a statement on Wednesday. "Israel will respond forcefully to Iranian terror."

US President Barack Obama described the bombing as a "barbaric terrorist attack".