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New functions to better shield travel agencies from credit-risk exposure

Enhanced Abacus Powersuite

Abacus International, Asia’s leading travel distributor, has enhanced its powerful  front-, mid- and back-office productivity tool, Abacus PowerSuite by introducing new functions to better shield travel agencies from the growing issue of credit-risk exposure.

Mr Brett Henry, Abacus International, Vice-President Marketing said, “The current more volatile business environment can make the travel agency business more susceptible to credit risks unless the travel agency has the tools in place to identify these risks upfront and make informed and timely decisions on credit terms for specific customers.”

With a stronger focus on revenue assurance and cash flow management for corporate travel agencies, the enhanced Abacus PowerSuite integrates with the four major credit card companies such as VISA to bring faster revenue turnaround of up to 90% for Abacus travel agencies.

In addition, the integration enables travel agencies to develop new corporate client relationships through a centrally-billed ‘virtual account’ called VISA Central Travel Account.

Specially designed for larger agencies, the Abacus PowerSuite solution incorporates innovative technology to simplify many aspects of their business workflow.

“Abacus PowerSuite brings greatly improved productivity with an automated refund feature for IATA’s Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) reconciliation. The feature streamlines refund transactions so hard copy submissions are no longer necessary and the agent’s time is freed up to focus on delivering dedicated customer service” said Brett Henry.

The solution brings further efficiency benefits to large travel agencies as it is user-friendly and allows a seamless and transparent process for transactions to occur through the agency’s various departments.

Abacus International is the region’s leading front, mid and back office provider as it offers a comprehensive range of solutions to meet the needs of all types of travel agencies. Another mid and back office solution, Abacus PowerConnect, is designed for small and mid-sized agencies.

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