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The evolution of the value chain is top of mind for the Seventh Site Index Study

Focus on destination management companies

The just released Site Index: Focus on Destination Management Companies survey represents the seventh edition in the Site International Foundation Site Index series. This study’s results are reflective of the evolution and potential conflict professionals are experiencing in the value chain for the production and distribution of motivational events and incentive travel programs.

Steve O’Malley, Site International Foundation President and Senior Vice President, Maritz Travel reported, “As we have emerged from the great recession, every organization is seeking to rebuild and rebrand for future strength. This means many organizations are not staying within traditional boundaries. One telling statistic from this study was that fifty-five percent of DMCs agree or strongly agree that they are finding it necessary to become a one-stop shop for motivational travel programs. This immediately leads to a discussion on where do incentive houses, site selection firms, hoteliers and others fit into today’s incentive travel program design and execution? Are we accommodating or confusing the marketplace, and ultimately, our end-customer as organizational roles and products change?”

A hallmark of the Site Index research is the drive to identify influences on purchasing decisions. One question on the Focus on Destination Management Companies queried the likelihood for respondents to use a DMC that is affiliated with other DMCs previously used. The result was that 34% of planners and 48% of users indicated that they would be more likely to use an affiliated DMC.

Jane Schuldt, CITE, Site International Foundation Research Committee Chair, and President, World Marketing Group Ltd. stated, “This data raises many strategic questions. While companies outside of traditional incentive houses may be able to aptly deliver the travel portion of the program, who then is ensuring that the achievement of the business purpose of the program is being captured and reported? If we fail to measure, we will fail to reinforce the value that incentive travel programs deliver to the bottom line. It is vital in this discussion for all parties to evaluate internal and external resources, and then weigh this against desired objectives to ensure the right solution is being engaged.”

The Site Index maintains ongoing research that serves as an analysis and forecast for the motivational events industry. Complete annual survey and interim report results are available at The research is available to Site members as well as motivational events industry professionals. Participant data is maintained as strictly confidential by the researchers and is not available to anyone including the Site International Foundation or Site. The Site Index is made possible by partner donations from the Canadian Tourism Commission, InterContinental Hotels Group and Mexico Tourism. To be part of the Site Index data panel go to

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