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Global passenger traffic show continued growth

Early results for global passenger traffic show continued growth in the March 2008, again fueled by a very substantial increase of over 7 percent in international traffic as compared to March 2007. Domestic passenger traffic growth was flat at 1 percent, which has held down overall results to 3.5 percent. During the first quarter 2008, passenger traffic rose 4.5 percent compared to the same period in 2007. For the first three months of the year, international passenger traffic rose strongly by 7.6 percent and domestic by 2.3 percent.
Commenting on regional results, ACI Economics Director Andreas Schimm says, “We saw a sharp decline in domestic traffic across Europe for a variety of reasons. Business travel was reduced due to the Easter holiday, but this was not compensated by more increased leisure travellers to traditional destinations within weekend reach due to the early March date and poor weather. European operations also suffered from late winter spells, industrial action and the temporary knock-on effects from flight cancellations experienced during the London Heathrow terminal 5 opening.
“Isolated phenomena have also impacted travel in other locations, for example a substantial drop in Japanese travel to China appears to be linked to food poisoning fears in China and the political situation in Tibet in March. In the US, travel choices continue to be impacted by persistently high fuel prices and rising air fares, as well as route changes due to air service consolidation and carrier bankruptcies. ”