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ANA-MPA interview with Serbia’s Secretary for Tourism

Goran Petkovic; Serbia will put emphasis on the Danube River

The promotion of tourist destinations in Serbia and Greece is at the center of the talks currently taking place between representatives of Serbia’s economy and regional development ministry and tourist sector professionals in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, northern Greece, Serb Secretary for Tourism Goran Petkovic told ANA-MPA.

In an interview held on the sidelines of the 32nd International Tourism Fair in Belgrade, Petkovic stated that he has discussed with representatives of the Professional Chamber of Thessaloniki (EETH) the "mapping" and promotion of specific tourist destinations in both countries.

He underlined that northern Greece is a popular destination for the Serb people who are starting to discover the beauties of other regions as well, such as the Ionian Sea islands, the Peloponnese and Crete.

On its part, Serbia will put emphasis on the development of tourist destinations along the Danube River particularly those that are directly associated with the "Route of the Roman Emperors". The development of the specific route is a priority project for the newly established Tourism Center for the Competitiveness of the Danube, a regional initiative undertaken by six countries on the river’s course namely, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia and Moldova.

Petkovic invited the Greek tourists to visit Serbia and discover its natural beauty, urging them to choose alternative and less popular destinations.