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Great opportunities in Russia and Ukraine today

The Russian and Ukraine markets are going through an exciting period of development toward a market economy, where the…

The Russian and Ukraine markets are going through an exciting period of development toward a market economy, where the opportunities for new business are wide and varied, according to Mrs Stanislava Blagoeva, Director of ITE<.> Travel Exhibitions. Russia is no doubt further along the road of progress, but Ukraine is also demonstrating encouraging signs of growth.

In the travel & tourism business, these two countries have more and more to offer the world in terms of both inbound and outbound tourism, Mrs Blagoeva added. Russia has been significantly developing its infrastructure over the past decade and the benefits are being reaped as inbound tourism figures continue to rise, with some 21 million tourists and business travelers visiting in 2000. Likewise Ukraine is investing resources in improving the systems and encouraging the construction of new hotels with the aim of attracting more and more foreign visitors.

Russia in particular is of enormous importance on the world wide outbound market. With over 18 million Russians travelling abroad each year destinations around the world are keen to attract Russian visitors. Indicators show that over the past months whilst many countries noticed a decrease in outbound tourism, Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries` outbound markets were hardly affected. In fact due to the decrease in costs of international travel, overseas travel has become an even more appealing holiday option for many in this region.

Destinations around the world understand the significance of these two markets and in particular of Russia. For this reason ITE Travel Exhibitions` events MITT (Moscow International Travel & Tourism exhibition) and UITT (Ukraine International Travel & Tourism exhibition) are such important forums for the industry in these countries. The potential is too encouraging to ignore and exhibitors and visitors are converging at the shows to ensure that they take part in this exciting time of development.

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