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Greece, an oasis of balance and harmony


PHILOXENIA ’99. Spend your holidays in Greece and you’ll feel as if you have been reborn. This is the message the Hellenic Tourism Organisation, EOT  plans to put across next year as part of  its professional 7.5-billion drachma “Harmony: That’s Life!” marketing campaign, which it hopes will breathe new life into an industry still bogged down in a “sun and sea” promotional rut.
In Thessaloniki for the 15th Philoxenia International Tourism Exhibition, Development Minister Evangelos Venizelos expressed praise but also offered a few pointers to advertising consortium Nostos, comprising the BBDO Athens, Leo Burnett and Olympic DDB advertising agencies, which has taken up the challenge of revitalising Greece’s image in the eyes of the increasingly demanding holidaymaker.
The campaign is focused on 14 countries, chosen after a thorough market study, with Germany ranking number one followed by the US, the UK, France, Italy and Sweden, which will be targeted through individualised advertising via both traditional mediums and, for the first time, on the Internet. Venizelos pointed out that in Sweden, particularly, 47 percent of the population logs on to the Internet daily, many of whom book holidays in this manner.
Whether the advertising strategy will actually achieve one of the government’s chief aims – to draw more discerning travellers, remains an unknown for now.
A positive Venizelos announced that, despite the Yugoslav war, the number of arrivals in Greece so far this year has reached 13.5 million, improving on last year’s figure, and should hit 14 million by the end of 1999.

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