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Recognising the contribution of suppliers and strengthening relations

Hellenic Duty Free Shops nominated G. Farah (Philip Morris) as “The Supplier of the Year”

Hellenic Duty Free Shops have instituted for the first time this year the "Supplier of the Year" award. Recognising the contribution of suppliers and strengthening relations with them will contribute to Hellenic Duty Free Shops’ endeavour to maintain a particularly positive performance and to continually improve their provision of high quality services to its customers. The recognition of Mr. George Farah and Philip Morris seals a long-term and particularly fruitful collaboration.

Hellenic Duty Free Shops hope that this award will serve as a starting point in establishing an institution that will last for many years to come. The Board Director’s President Mr. George Koutsolioutsos mentioned that the new institution of ‘The Supplier of the Year’ will create the desired motivation, enhance competition between suppliers, facilitate innovative commercial practices and achieve the ultimate goal of our business, which is none other than to provide products with greater added value for the benefit of travellers."

The award-giving event took place at Dionysos restaurant near the Acropolis before an audience of suppliers and executives of Philip Morris and of Hellenic Duty Free Shops. The long-term association between Philip Morris and Hellenic Duty Free Shops has been greatly beneficial for both companies. Mr. Farah and his associates, in recognition of the robust prospects and expertise of the Hellenic Duty Free Shops, asked the company to take on the distribution of Phillip Morris products on ships sailing to other countries as well as at local points of sale, essentially leading to collaboration with numerous benefits for both sides. Commercially, Philip Morris has undertaken not only pioneering, but also substantive efforts to create real shopping opportunities for travellers by giving a new boost to duty-free tobacco products.

Mr. George Farah was a major supporter of this collaboration. For that reason, Hellenic Duty Free Shops sought to go beyond the often "impersonal" image of large companies and not only acknowledge Philip Morris, but also honour the person behind it all. Without Mr. Farah’s unwavering support and guidance, this specific endeavour would not have been realised.

Mr. George Velentzas, CEO of Hellenic Duty Free Shops noted that “This Cooperation constitutes an ideal case-study, like the ones often found in textbooks. Mr. George Farah’s personality consists of fine qualities of moral character rare to find in the world, an outstanding, unique soul. We feel very lucky to have Mr. Farah in our lives as a partner and as a friend.” And he continued «In a difficult year, as 2010 turned out to be, Philip Morris stood firmly at our side and adjusted its pricing policy, invested in human resources and implemented a number of promotional activities to support sales."

Mr. George Farah in a thankful speech did a historical overview to the long lasting cooperation between Philip Morris and Hellenic Duty Free Shops as well as to his special relationship with Mr. George Velentzas. He also committed that this relationship will continue to be even more effective the years to come.