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Now suppliers and agencies see booked and consumed data down to agent level

HICKORY and TRX new global partnership provides next gen consortia measurement

HICKORY GLOBAL PARTNERS, and TRX, Inc. have signed a global data services agreement that will transform the way consortium members measure the results of their participation.

Using a customized version of TRAVELTRAX, TRX’s business intelligence solution for data consolidation, enhancement and reporting, participating suppliers will be able to see daily trends across the HGP agent network and programs. Similarly, agencies will be able to see productivity for HGP’s hotel and air products, down to individual frontline agent sales activity. In addition, TRAVELTRAX will generate custom reports of both booked and consumed transactions allowing agencies to manage based on accurate, comprehensive transaction data in real time.

"Enabling segment level reporting is an important step in serving our users and growing our business," said HGP Senior Director, Revenue Planning and Analysis Kristin Knous. "Our collaboration with a premier data solutions provider like TRX brings the consortium closer to our vision of measurable participation."

HGP’s business is based on leveraging technology to redefine the consortium distribution model.  A clean, intuitive interface will allow Supplier Partners to identify, track and measure emerging patterns in bookings and consumed segments. Agency Partners will be able to see where they are performing well and where they can optimize revenue, including which individual agents are complying with preferred policies. All access will be strictly controlled – no supplier or agency will be able to view another’s data.

"HGP is the first consortium to utilize our enhanced data products to inject much needed revenue management dynamics into the consortia channel, " said TRX President and CEO Shane Hammond. "Agencies and consortiums like HGP gain great visibility into their programs by utilizing accurate reporting tools, and we are glad they chose TRAVELTRAX to improve their network."

TRAVELTRAX has the unique ability to aggregate and enhance data from virtually any source and provide custom reporting to meet the needs of any client. TRAVELTRAX will acquire daily pre-trip air and hotel data from HGP agencies, enhance and normalize the data and publish standard and custom reports through a web-based application, giving suppliers and agencies a clear picture on trends, spend and activity.

Theodore Koumelis
Co-Founder & Managing Director - Travel Media Applications | Website

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