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Newly enhanced version of the IDeaS V5i Revenue Management System

IDeaS releases enhanced V5i 5.2 for hotels

IDeaS Revenue Solutions recently released a newly enhanced version of the IDeaS V5i Revenue Management System, IDeaS V5i 5.2. Among many significant enhancements, version 5.2 includes a new reporting framework that facilitates the delivery of enhanced business intelligence, improved navigation and cutting edge data presentation within the existing V5i Reports Module.

“We believe that equipping decision-makers with critical information is vital to driving better revenue,” said Linda Hatfield, vice president of product management, IDeaS. “IDeaS designed the new functionality to provide hotels with the business intelligence needed to further influence the strategic direction of their organizations.”

The V5i 5.2 reporting framework is an open source, cross platform, web development structure. This valuable feature will allow IDeaS’ clients access to benefits including cutting edge data visualization, additional data exports and dashboard creation, among others. Additionally, the reporting framework will improve straightforward, day-to-day revenue management tasks by providing uncomplicated line and bar graphs, the ability to filter various data elements as well as an option to export to various essential data formats.

An additional feature of V5i 5.2 is the Quoted Rate functionality. This allows IDeaS’ clients the option to evaluate a group based on a client-entered rate, providing greater flexibility in the group evaluation process. With the use of Quoted Rate, hotels will benefit from a clear evaluation of the outcome of accepting group business in respect to what their client is willing to spend.

Enhancements to the existing Transient Benefits Module within the IDeaS V5i 5.2 have also been made to include:

  • Benefits are now available at the daily level which easily facilitates a detailed analysis of the tangible impact on transient revenue that working with V5i has had on the previous month
  • An explanation of any benefits that cannot be calculated on a single day.