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La Roca Village will include Catalonia in its promotional materials

La Roca Village signs a strategic Partnership Agreement With the Catalan Tourist Board

The Catalan Tourist Board (ACT) and La Roca Village one of the Chic Outlet Shopping(R) Villages by Value Retail have signed a strategic partnership agreement.

This prestigious partnership follows a roundtable in New York hosted by the Catalan Tourist Board as part of an action to push awareness of Catalonia as a tourist destination in the USA market. Moderated by Kate Betts, contributing editor at TIME and Travel & Leisure Magazine, a panel of representatives from the travel and fashion retail industries, consisting Joaquim Serra, Vice President and Managing Director of Natura Bisse Group; Colman Andrews, Gastronomy American writer and editor; Angela Goicurica, Vice President of Alliances Virtuoso; Norman Vilalta, Fashion designer and Michael Goldenberg, Group Corporate Director – Value Retail PLC, discussed ‘Barcelona & Catalonia: A Lifestyle Destination for the XXI Century’ with a focus on the region as a modern, innovative and sophisticated tourist destination, highlighting new trends in fashion, hospitality, well-being, culture and shopping.

As a result of the alliance, La Roca Village will enhance its position as a shopping tourism destination, offering an innovative shopping experience as part of the wider offer available to tourists visiting Catalonia. Michael Goldenberg stated that, "We are delighted with the signing of this agreement, given that it acknowledges the importance of shopping tourism and the great role it plays within the Catalan economy. We are positive that the cooperation between the Catalan Tourist Agency and Value Retail will help promote the country within the global tourism market, where shopping is the main activity carried out by high-net-worth tourists".

Through this partnership La Roca Village will feature more prominently in markets from which the region already enjoys high visitation, as well as new international markets, and will raise its profile by enjoying higher visibility in the initiatives, promotions, marketing channels and overall communication of the Catalan Tourism Board.

In return, La Roca Village will include Catalonia in its promotional materials and other communication, including the Chic Outlet Shopping campaigns which promote the Collection of nine luxury outlet Villages in Europe to tour operators and travel agencies in Asian markets, the USA, Central and South America and Russia. A video promoting the region will be shown onboard the Village’s Shopping Express coaches, which operate between Barcelona, La Roca Village and the Costa Brava.

Catalonia will also be included in communication generated by the other eight Chic Outlet Shopping Villages across Europe. La Roca Village’s various initiatives to promote Catalonia as a tourist destination will be equivalent to a promotional spend of EUR100,000.

The Executive Vice-President of the Catalan Tourist Board explained, "Via this alliance with Value Retail, we want to make the most of the company’s tourist and marketing potential through the Collection of Chic Outlet Shopping(R) Villages’ promotional campaigns, and join forces to strengthen and consolidate Catalonia’s image as a high-end tourist destination."