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Love UK fans to work as a Facebook ‘team’ and win a £3,000 luxury holiday in Britain

VisitBritain has created its first official online global competition with Facebook ‘Places’ offering potential visitors the chance to win a holiday in Britain worth £3,000.
The unique contest invites fans of Love UK, VisitBritain’s Facebook page, to join forces and work as a team.
To enter, the Love UK fan or any of their Facebook friends have to “check in” using their mobile device to any two of over 300 top British tourism “Places”. These can range from Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square in London to attractions such as The Big Pit in Wales or Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland.
Facebook fans can check in directly by going to!/LoveUK?v=app_178000192228829
Once the fan or any of their Facebook friends have required two check-ins, they are then qualified to enter a draw to win a £2,000 holiday for two in Britain plus £1,000 worth of shopping vouchers from the luxury department store, Selfridges, currently the #1 checked-in Place on Love UK’sTop 50 UK Places leader board.
The check-in information then automatically updates this leader board which can be seen here: , but there are an additional 250 “secret” locations dotted around the country, all of which will qualify the fan for the draw.
Love UK’s Top 50 league table was launched in November as an interactive ‘global guest book’ of notable places in Britain. In a short time it has become a hugely influential barometer showing the popularity of some of our most famous British locations, landscapes and attractions.
The ‘Team Work’ competition is designed to increase the number of people ‘’checking-in’’ when they visit the range of tourist hotspots across the UK.
The new feature was designed with the help of social media technology developer, Betapond.
Laurence Bresh, Marketing Director, VisitBritain said: “VisitBritain and Facebook ‘Places’ are inspiring people in Britain to connect with their overseas friends and invite them to enjoy a holiday in Britain. We are thrilled to be able to offer our fans a £3,000 holiday in Britain.
“This is another demonstration of VisitBritain’s commitment to using the power of social and digital media to inspire visitors from around the world to explore Britain, and shows why we are regarded as being the leading Tourist Board in the field.”

The initiative is open for entry from 22nd December 2010 to the 4th February 2011.

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