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EZguider’s air solution attracts full range of agencies

More than 300 vacation.commembers register for Ezair

EZguider’s air solution attracts full range of agencies, especially larger members looking to enhance reservation center productivity and support outside agents., North America’s leading travel services marketing organization, announces that more than 300 member agencies have already registered to use EZair, the air-booking functionality for its revolutionary leisure sales platform, EZguider.

Launched last month at’s 11th International Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas, EZair allows members to make stand-alone and add-on bookings from more than 400 airlines directly through EZguider without a GDS contract, monthly fees or productivity goals as part of their membership.

“EZguider is easy to use, remarkably efficient and requires very little training,” said Steve Tracas,’s president and CEO. “With the addition of EZair, this product fills a key business need for many of our members, especially our larger cruise and tour producers looking to boost their productivity as well as support their outside sales agents without a traditional GDS contract.”

EZair complements existing EZguider functionality, a powerful Web-based tool members use daily to search, compare and book tours, cruises and insurance. As proven during the “EZguider Book-Off Contest” held during Conference, agents can reduce their cruise reservation processing time by more than 20 minutes per transaction when using EZguider.

“One of our largest member agencies now completes more than 300 cruise reservations per month through EZguider,” added Tracas. “When you factor in the time saved-up to 20 minutes per transaction-that eliminates 100 hours per month of telephone time or navigating multiple supplier sites that can better be spent prospecting for additional sales or servicing existing clients.”

EZguider is exclusively for members.

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