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Travel insurance policy must cover swine flu, redundancy and airline failure advises consumers make sure travel insurance policy is adequate the direct website leading travel insurance supplier, Blue Insurances, is warning consumers to check that their travel insurance policy is adequate for their needs such as redundancy, Swine Flu and airline failure.

One of the most important aspects of travel insurance is cover in respect of Medical Cover. A number of Travel Insurance Policies are now excluding Swine Flu and also do not cover Schedule Airline Failure. It is very important for consumers in the current climate to check that there policy covers Swine Flu otherwise they could be left with expensive medical bills or no reimbursement for any Cancellation claims. All policies will exclude persons who have already contracted Swine Flu prior to purchase of their travel insurance policy.

In the current economic climate Redundancy cover is essential on all travel insurance policies. Consumers should check that they have comprehensive Cancellation cover in place including Redundancy cover. In the event of redundancy, consumers without adequate cover will be faced with holiday costs that are non refundable which they themselves can no longer afford to pay. Consumers booking with can book with confidence in the knowledge that should they need to cancel due to redundancy then they are fully covered.

With over 30 International Airlines expected to go bust in the coming 12 months consumers need to be aware of the risk in booking flights themselves directly with an airline or arranging independent accommodation. Many of these companies are not required to be bonded and in the event of any of these companies going into liquidation this can cause major problems for consumers who will have no recourse due to the lack of a financial bond unless they have Schedule Airline Failure Cover and/or Third Party Insolvency Cover on their travel insurance policy. The policy provides this cover as part of its standard cover to ensure consumers are fully protected.

With cover underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc, offers insurance to Irish and UK Residents providing consumers with a unique product that reflects security and comfort that won’t break the bank.

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