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A multi-lingual version set to be launched in mid 2010

MyAlgarveInfo online travel guide sees first quarter traffic growth of 27%

MyAlgarveInfo has started 2010 with a significant growth in traffic – and the trend looks set to continue throughout the year. Comparing the last quarter of 2009 and the first of 2010, MyAlgarveInfo has shown an increase of 27% in traffic. Much of this growth can be attributed to the attractive new site design which was launched in December 2009, as well as many behind the scenes improvements.

Part of the award winning global network of online travel guides MyDestinationInfo, MyAlgarveInfo is committed to constant improvement and development. In partnership with industry leaders such as bigmouthmedia and UK Fast , who count among their client base the likes of MTV, Barclays, Sky and British Airways, the site has been designed to achieve the best possible search engine results, to be interactive, fast  and easy to use, and of course, full of useful information.

Fiona Butler, director of MyAlgarveInfo said, "Those planning on visiting the Algarve can find a wealth of useful and up to date information on our site. They can check the local Algarve weather forecast, find hotels, plan days out, research the golf courses and read about the best restaurants and Algarve nightspots."

With a team of local experts on the ground, the Algarve travel guide information is detailed and sometimes quirky. This is complemented with plenty of maps, photos and the use of visual media such as Virtual Algarve tours and videos to make a visit to MyAlgarveInfo as pleasant a user experience as possible.

Much of the traffic to MyAlgarveInfo comes from the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe – which mirrors the nationalities of foreign tourists to the Algarve. With a multi-lingual version set to be launched in mid 2010 (Spanish, Portuguese, French and German in the initial phase) traffic to the website is set to soar. The travel industry has changed radically in the last decade. More and more tourists now look to research and book as many services as possible before actually travelling to their destination of choice, as well as preferring where possible to deal directly with the local business.

Online since 2007, MyAlgarveInfo has seen impressive year-on-year growth. "Unlike many other websites, we are not just a booking channel. We allow people who are coming to the Algarve to get in touch directly with local businesses. Say you want to go on a boat trip in the Algarve, or find out about golf lessons, or book a table at your favourite restaurant – you can ask the local company directly", said Fiona Butler.