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Abacus PowerConnect

New Abacus solution helps small and medium-sized travel agencies

Abacus International has launched a new solution – Abacus PowerConnect – specially designed for small and medium-sized agencies seeking to improve their operations.

With Abacus PowerConnect, these agencies can streamline and automate their mid- and backoffice functions such as making bookings, issuing documents, settling transactions, payment, inventory management and real-time reporting.

Travel agency owners can choose to enhance this solution with a General Ledger module. Designed to improve end-to-end financial management processes, it has capabilities to automatically generate journal entries, charts of accounts, and real-time financial reports as well as set accounting periods.

Brett Henry, Vice President, Agency Marketing for Abacus International, says Abacus PowerConnect presents managers with the essential information at the click of a mouse, enabling them to analyse important data and make considered decisions in a timely manner. It also boosts agency staff productivity, freeing them from laborious and time-consuming paperwork while reducing costly mistakes caused by human errors.

“With this solution in place, management has a tool to take their agency to a more professional level of operation and staff are able to better spend their time on income-generating activities such as closing sales by providing attentive and fast service to customers,” Mr Henry said. Designed by travel industry veterans, Abacus PowerConnect is packed with user-friendly features that will speed up its utilisation rate among staff.

“Abacus PowerConnect is easy to use. It helps us focus on servicing our customers instead of repeating data input for accounting operations and issuing documents,” said Mr Kam, General Manager of Gold Time Travel Agency Ltd, Hong Kong.

An added advantage is this solution works off the shelf and requires zero or low investment from agencies in terms of acquiring new hardware or software. It is also flexible and will continue to function effectively even as the agency’s business volume increases.