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New age for airships

In Germany<.> an new era of airships for transportation is being planned. Initially, a fleet of…

In Germany<.> an new era of airships for transportation is being planned. Initially, a fleet of 50 airships primarily for cargo are scheduled for construction, to be fully operational be the year 2004. These would be exclusive for cargo transport, with a passenger version to be fashioned later.

Airships were originally pioneered by Count Zeppelin (hence the old name) in 1900, and long-distance travel, including transatlantic was facilitated. When first inaugurated passengers from Europe to the USA disembarked atop the Empire State Building in midtown Manhattan. Later the mooring was moved to Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Use of zeppelins ceased in 1937 when the Hindenburg crashed in flames while attempting a mooring in Lakehurst, killing 36 people. Inflammable hydrogen had been utilized instead of inert helium gas.

It has been estimated that one airship will be able to carry 160 tons of cargo, more than the average cargo load of aircraft of today. The size of the new vessel would be tree times the original zeppelin, in length, 853 feet, and traveling at a speed of 85 miles an hour.

The new fleet of 50 airships would be capable of transporting three million tons of cargo around the world a year. Airports would be unnecessary for the new craft as maximum space required is an area comparable of a football field. Cargo Lifter, the company which is creating the new airships, was founded by Karl von Giblenz, whose grandfather was one of the founders of Lufthansa.

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