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Building trust in technology

New jargon-free publications launched to help companies do business online

Instilling confidence in a business’ online activities is essential for businesses to trade online successfully…

Instilling confidence in a business’ online activities is essential for businesses to trade online successfully. To help businesses do this and to work more closely online with suppliers, UK online for business, the DTI-led industry/Government partnership, has launched four free publications.

The publications, Trading hubs, Collaborative commerce, Securing trust in electronic supply chains and Integrating business systems are jargon-free and give a practical overview of the information and communication technologies (ICTs) available, providing definitions of the technologies and their benefits, as well as tips on implementation.

Wendy Ashton, UK online for business adviser, commented: Building trust in online activities is essential for a business if it is to make the most of the opportunities offered by technologies. From product development through to customer service, different technologies can be implemented to ensure a secure web site and this needs to be conveyed to customers and suppliers to reassure them. Simple processes, such as trading hubs which work in real time, will help to build trust as well as further the capabilities of a business.

Securing trust in electronic supply chains highlights the importance of a business in demonstrating the security of their online operations to both customers and trading partners. It looks at practical steps in which a business can begin preparing and communicating their security measures.

‘Trading hubs – and supplying electronically’ gives an overview of trading hubs – web sites where buyers and sellers can exchange goods and services in real time – and how they help companies transform procurement procedures as well as extend their customer reach. The publication also helps the business decide how to use trading hubs and shows them how to implement a hub strategy.

‘Integrating business systems – and supplying electronically’ looks at the business case for integrating business systems and explains how to bring processes together in a single management control and information system. The publication then identifies the benefits of integration and helps businesses decide how to integrate their systems.

‘Collaborative commerce – transforming your business’ explains how companies can use technology to interlink different organisations’ business processes through collaborataive commerce (c-commerce). It shows how to put c-commerce principles into practice and how a business can select different technology platforms to implement the processes.

Connoisseurs Scotland was set up by nine premium hotels in Scotland and promotes these hotels via online marketing to the US market. The company has embraced c-commerce and, through its web site, uses a number of technologies to provide information to customers and travel agents.

Jeremy Hawkings, Chief Executive of Connoisseurs Scotland, explains: Our consortium has dedicated pages on a business-to-business web site in the USA, which acts as a marketplace for over 400 top-end travel agents. We also provide marketing information via a combination of the Internet and telephone conferencing. Company executives can deliver simultaneous presentations via a web site to an audience of US tourist organisations. This is then supplemented by live interactive information on the web site.

By linking a number of technologies, our hotels have managed to reach a vast, untouched audience and the information communicated is interactive, convenient and cost-effective.

Theodore Koumelis
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