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The first curved green approach by a Novair flight originating from Zakynthos in Greece

Novair conducts first-ever trials of “green” GPS-based landing approach

Novair, the charter airline operated by Kuoni Scandinavia, has further enhanced its eco-credentials. In mid-June the carrier became the first in Europe to conduct a "curved green approach" with an Airbus aircraft using GPS navigation technology. The new technique promises to further reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions and lower noise levels, too.
The first curved green approach was performed at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport on 16 June 2009 by a Novair flight originating from Zakynthos in Greece. Further such GPS-based approaches should follow this summer.
The trials are being conducted under the "MINT" (Minimum CO2 in Terminal Manoeuvring Area) project. MINT in turn is part of the SESAR-AIRE initiative, a series of joint trials by airlines, airports, air navigation service providers and aircraft manufacturers to determine what environmental benefits can be gained from optimising air traffic management.
The new GPS-based curved green approach is intended to further reduce pollutant emissions and avoid noise. Under it, the aircraft maintains a constant exchange of data with the airport’s tower controllers. By continuously processing the latest wind data in particular, the flight’s on-board computers can tell the pilots precisely how to fly the optimum approach to the airport in efficiency and environmental terms. At Stockholm Arlanda, this also entails flying a curve around the provincial town of Uplands Vasby to avoid noise-sensitive regions. For a conventional landing, the aircraft would head directly for the airport and be guided in by navigation equipment on the ground.

As part of the SESAR-AIRE initiative, which is supported by the European Union, Novair also trialled a first version of the green approach known as a "Continuous Descent Approach" or CDA last year. The CDA entails determining the precise landing time of the flight concerned at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport in advance, in collaboration with local air traffic control. This allows the flights concerned to reduce early on their speed and altitude; and this can save some 100 kilos of fuel per approach and reduce the emissions by 10%. With its engine-throttle-back procedure, the CDA can also be combined with the new curved green approach to further reduce noise levels on the ground.
Novair has been committed to helping prevent climate change for several years now. The carrier adopted a raft of ecofriendly measures in 2007 which resulted in savings of some 300 kilos of fuel per flight or 1 000 tonnes each year. This in turn has reduced CO2 emissions by over 3 300 tonnes, or 3%. Novair’s environmental endeavours are part of the Kuoni Group’s long-standing commitment to Corporate Responsibility. Kuoni has initiated and successfully pursued over 30 CR projects to date all over the world, with a prime focus on its four key areas of protecting children and adolescents from sexual exploitation, securing fair working conditions, ensuring good water supplies and preventing climate change.

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