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Ole! Travel has elevated to a new level with

Ole! Travel goes global

With over twenty years in business of selling travel, Ole! Travel is well known as a travel seller with a focus of making fantasies become reality. Ole! Travel believes in “leaving it to the experts” as this puts the relaxation back into vacation for its clients from even the first planning stages.  With established relationships among the travel industry and providers, Ole! Travel pairs low airfares with individualized itineraries including handpicked local tour companies from all corners of the world. It is with such great service and track record that the Ole! Travel team wanted to expand from its mainly U.S. client base to a global audience. Thus, the decision was made to launch

When asked about going global and launching with .travel, President of Ole! Travel, Olga Alexander stated, ".travel identifies Ole as a global operator. The biggest advantage of .travel is the recognition and position it gives us as a global enterprise and not just a local one."

Ole.Travel’s itineraries combine a vast array of exotic, adventure, eco, historical, and cultural vacations. From white water rafting through jungles and volcanoes, shopping in Indian markets after snorkeling amongst coral reefs, and learning colonial heritage without missing time well spent on a pristine beach, Ole! Travel offers everything. If one can dream it, will customize that specific dream vacation.

When asked how Ole! Travel benefits from .travel, Alexander said, "It identifies us by what we do and that we are active on the Internet, even proactive, which is what everyone out there is now seeking.” Alexander added comments on the next stage of the Internet and the travel market by stating, “This is the Internet generation. We have to adapt to their needs. Whoever identifies this need and makes a mark has a niche. Those, like us, that are offering bargains in cyberspace are those who will be best prepared for the times ahead and will capture the attention of this generation regardless of where our offices are located."

Ole! Travel has elevated to a higher global scale with its expert staff, array of services, and its investment in .travel as one of its key marketing and branding tools.

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