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BalticMiles rewards offer ranges from flights, hotel nights, etc.

One year after launch, BalticMiles has issued over half a billion points

Only one year after the launch of the first multi-partner loyalty programme in the Baltics, BalticMiles has issued over half a billion points to its members. In the last twelve months BalticMiles cardholders have flown 650,000 trips on airBaltic, covering almost 600 million kilometres, equivalent to circling the globe 14,000 times. With over half a billion miles, members of BalticMiles can buy 600,000 cinema tickets, 50,000 body massages, 6,000 Apple iPads, or 30 suborbital spaceflights.

Biggest earners of BalticMiles points are those members who are travelling with airBaltic but also those who fill up their car at Neste stations and those who use a BalticMiles Nordea co-branded credit card for paying their daily expenses. More than 20 local and international partners reward program members with BalticMiles points.

In October, BalticMiles launched a unique service for those who like to shop online: more than 400 leading international online shops now offer BalticMiles points. To earn points on these purchases, just go to and sign-in to your account before choosing the online shop you want to buy from. Most online shops do offer delivery worldwide.

Recently the BalticMiles team was joined by a new CEO, Eric Barray. Eric is one of the leading loyalty professionals in Europe and has designed and managed several large loyalty programs, including Malina, the largest coalition loyalty program in Russia.

"BalticMiles has done a great job to design what I consider to be one of the most innovative and flexible multi-partner loyalty programmes in Europe, and I am excited to take it forward," says Eric Barray.

BalticMiles rewards offer ranges from flights, hotel nights, SPA treatments, car rentals, cinema tickets, perfumes and cosmetics, jewellery and watches, design items for the house, bags and suitcases for travel, toys for children and 2700 other items available in online shop. BalticMiles has established a programme enabling its members to donate points to several charities.

The most convenient way to sign up for the BalticMiles programme is to register at, or by contacting the BalticMiles member service. Customers can also apply for the program by filling out an application form. It can be found at all airBaltic ticket offices, at registration desks, or in the business lounge at the Riga International Airport and at the points of sales of other program partners.

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