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ROI Week in Dublin, 31 August–4 September

Online event ROI Measurement Tool

European Event ROI Institute is launching SenseiROI for meetings & events during ROI Week in Dublin 31 August – 4 September.

SenseiROI is a software tool that enables you to measure the bottom line impact of today’s conferences and events and get the insights you need to develop profit-driving events for tomorrow. It is the only software tool that is designed exclusively to support the ROI Methodology, turning this proven methodology into a powerful operational reality.

"SenseiROI is the only software tool that encompasses the entire cycle, from the critical planning stage, right through implementation and analysis” says Dr. Jack J. Phillips of ROI Institute, Inc., and he adds: “No other software is so finely attuned to our thinking, and no other company has worked with us so closely to ensure that their software will allow you to apply our methodology with greater speed, accuracy and impact.”

SenseiROI will take the event planner through the steps of setting objectives and designing data collection instruments at each of the five levels of the ROI Methodology, sending questionnaires to participants where appropriate and automatically updating the ROI dashboard as responses are returned.

“This easy to use tool takes most of the uncertainty and complexity out of the ROI evaluation process” says Dr. Elling Hamso of European Event ROI Institute, “it is just what meeting planners need to apply the ROI Methodology to both the planning and evaluation of every event.”

SenseiROI will be introduced to the meetings and events industry during ROI Week in Dublin 31 August – 4 September. ROI Week offers six different coursed for meetings and events industry professionals, including a 5-day ROI Certification Course and specialized courses in ROI forecasting, Survey Design and Meeting Architecture.

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