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Swiss Tour Operator expands hotel offering and agent booking capabilities

Open Up finalizes distribution agreement with Pegasus Solutions

Swiss tour operator Open Up has finalized a distribution agreement with Pegasus Solutions to leverage the company’s UltraDirect interface for access to the world’s largest collection of electronically bookable hotels. Open Up’s clients will now be able to book approximately 90,000 global hotels instantly with negotiated, best available and commissionable rates, avoiding previously lengthy prepayment processes.

Based in Bern, Switzerland, Open Up has ten offices in six countries. The company serves predominantly Russian-speaking travel agencies and tour operators in Russia and countries comprising the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), including Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. These agents and operators have until now used a drawn out and extended booking process when working with Open Up, according to Tatjana Koch, director of Open Up.

“Many of our clients were, until recently, making reservations on an email request basis, which is time-consuming and requires a lengthy pre-payment process,” said Koch. “With Pegasus, we have rapidly updated the process to allow instant bookings of an unrivaled collection of hotels around the globe. This agreement has also allowed us to enable best available and commissionable rate pricing, while eliminating potential issues of pricing discrepancies between Internet sources and end-users.”

Pegasus’ UltraDirect will connect Open Up directly to hundreds of hotel central reservation systems (CRS) via the Pegasus Switch, providing real-time access to CRS information, and enabling fast, immediate confirmation of booking and cancellation requests, as well as secure access to negotiated rates. The Pegasus distribution agreement will also allow Open Up to book current negotiated rates with chains with which the company has direct contracts, including Kempinski, Accor and Leading Hotels of the World.

“Open Up is taking a crucial step to ensure their bookers have the flexibility, independence and assurance to serve their clients,” added Ric Leutwyler, chief operating officer of Pegasus Solutions. “We’re eager to welcome a new buying audience from the emerging market Open Up serves, while also creating the opportunity for Open Up to grow its business and bookings with proven Pegasus distribution technology and our portfolio of nearly 90,000 hotels.”