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Expected rise in lost luggage claims highlights need for travel insurance

Post Office reminds UK holidaymakers to remember travel insurance

Recent research has revealed that the total number of travel insurance claims for lost luggage made by UK holidaymakers is set to soar from more than 30,000 a month to more than 50,000 over the next ten years. But according to a Post Office Travel Insurance survey almost a quarter of people are still considering going on holiday in 2009 without travel insurance in order to save money.
Considering that lost luggage now accounts for the biggest number of travel insurance claims – second only to medical treatment abroad – the statistics should set the alarm bells ringing among any UK holidaymakers who may be thinking about travelling without investing in an adequate travel insurance policy this summer.

Whilst it is not uncommon for consumers to cut back on non-essential costs during a recession, it is a worry that some people believe skipping travel insurance is a risk worth taking. Last year, UK holidaymakers who decided to skip travel insurance lost a total of £90m because of things like lost luggage, medical problems and cancelled flights. Post Office urges it is worth remembering that what might seem like a cost-cutting exercise for the short-term can leave holidaymakers kicking themselves if they become massively out of pocket for not taking out travel insurance.

In times when money is tight it’s more important than ever for people to ensure they have adequate travel insurance. So, if someone hasn’t already invested in an annual travel insurance deal or does not think they will be able to afford to, Post Office points out that some companies offer a single trip travel insurance policy from as little as £5.50 per person, per trip.