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The site is built on Momondo’s search technology

Swedish TV4 and Expressen launches a new travel site with

Scandinavia’s biggest commercial television group, TV4, is now launching a brand new travel site, in cooperation with Sweden’s second largest newspaper Expressen and the travel search engine The site is built on Momondo’s search technology and the launch is followed up by a big nationwide advertising and marketing campaign in Sweden. TV4 and Expressen will use all their available channels to quickly get the Swedes to open their eyes to and the search technology of Momondo.

"We have long been searching for the right partner for us within the travel industry, and in Momondo we have not only gained access to a unique search technology which is among the best in world. We are also looking forward to working with Momondo’s executives, who have been fantastically skilled at developing their business and conquer new markets," says Mattias Fyrenius, Director of new media in TV4.

The effect of the cooperation is that Momondo’s different functionalities within price-comparison will be available on and Express’s new travel site (, which is launched 6th of April at 1 pm.

"The agreement with Swedish TV4 and Expressen is consistent with our international plans. We believe that we have found the right partners in Sweden, which again may help us to make the Swedes aware that there is a place online where you can get a price transparency before you buy your plane ticket. A place that helps the travelers to be smart-buyers, "says Partner of Momondo, Martin Lumbye.

The cooperation comes shortly after Momondo has received this year’s Danish e-commerce price within the travel and tourism category. The possibility of cooperation has again been raised when Norway’s largest newspaper, World Gang (VG), and the Norwegian Consumer Council independently elected Momondo as the best player on the market.

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