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Great news for domestic tourism providers

Take one’s new handheld device aims to revolutionise tourism print distribution

Leading tourism marketeer Take One Media is introducing a unique handheld device to provide accurate feedback from leaflet and brochure campaigns at its exclusive, high footfall, sites across the UK (including airports, railway stations, and Travelodge hotels).

The PDA-style device is the first of its kind to give clients detailed data on tourism information distribution and provides precise reporting for tourism companies, from national to local attractions, wanting instant campaign analysis. It gives critical feedback for future planning using the latest results and lets clients know exactly where their material went and in what quantity.

With return on investment key to all businesses, this is Take One’s answer to measurability and communication with clients, whilst also providing honesty and transparency of service to ensure leaflets continue to prove their worth.

Take One distributes 67 million leaflets annually at more than 6,000 UK display sites, with around 19,000 sites in total including airports, stations, hotels, TICs and B&Bs.

The introduction of the device is part of a wider strategy from Take One to enhance the distribution of printed tourism material and to ensure the highest standards are met.  This strategy also includes a Code of Best Practice underlining Take One’s highly-professional approach to its business and its environmentally-responsible practices such as the PDA devices’ paperless reporting.

The Code sets out the framework and company ethos for every individual to follow: accurate, thorough and transparent reporting; clear communication; up-front honesty and delivery of agreed service. By defining this set of standards, everyone using print media can make an informed decision about the level of service they can expect.

Take One Managing Director Philippa Harris said: “After websites, leaflets are the most effective way of achieving both awareness and high impact – so turning interest into visits. Leaflets have the distinct advantage of existing in a ‘take away’ format, which provides consumers with a physical reminder of the attraction.

“We believe that by formalising our service into the Code and implementing the use of handheld technology we are adding credibility to leaflets as a valuable communication tool for all marketeers.”