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The new Lufthansa Airbus A330-300

Improved passenger comfort, a high level of environmental friendliness and enhanced performance: these are the characteristics of…

Improved passenger comfort, a high level of environmental friendliness and enhanced performance: these are the characteristics of the new Airbus A330-300, which Lufthansa welcomed at its base in Frankfurt. Ten aircraft of this type have been ordered and are to be delivered by the end of 2005. The A330-300 will offer a three-class configuration and will primarily fly to destinations in Africa and on the East Coast of the United States. The newly delivered aircraft started scheduled services on March 16 on the Frankfurt-Cairo-Khartoum and Frankfurt-Cairo-Addis Abeba routes.

The A330-300 can carry up to 221 passengers. Innovation, quality and excellent service thus become a tangible experience for our passengers, said Wolfgang Mayrhuber, Chairman of the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

In terms of economical performance, the latest addition to the fleet sets new standards. The A330-300 is part of the A340 family. It has almost identical dimensions, the same wings, and thus very similar flying characteristics. On long-haul routes with flying times of up to 8 hours and demand in the 220-seat bracket, the A330 is the perfect complement for the highly economical A340 fleet. The major systems are identical on the two types, so cockpit crews can fly both after a short training and familiarization period. Mayrhuber stressed: This means more flexibility for us in planning deployment, which translates into significant cost advantages.

Continuous investment in state-of-the-art technology and a recently-built, environmentally-friendly fleet play a key role in Lufthansa`s efforts to improve the Aviation Group`s long-term environmental performance. On average, the new A330-300 is expected to consume a mere 4 liters of fuel to carry one passenger over a distance of 100 kilometers. Compared with its predecessor, the Airbus A310-300, this is an improvement of about 27 percent. Lufthansa plans to phase out its A310s during 2004. Rising fuel prices are not the only parameter that today`s airlines have to take into consideration, as many airports charge fees based on measured aircraft noise. For this reason the new Airbus A330-300 features optimum noise emission reduction equipment. Lufthansa chose the Trent 772-B engine, manufactured by Rolls-Royce, the quietest propulsion system for this type of aircraft currently available.

The latest engine technology and aerodynamic improvements in the wings`design mean that the A330-300 will offer significant reductions in fuel consumption and noise emissions alike. The aircraft`s 85 dB(A) noise footprint measures 3.56 square kilometers, and thus remains within an airport`s perimeter fence. It is also Lufthansa`s first long-haul aircraft for more than 200 passengers to be this quiet. 85 dB(A) corresponds to the noise level of a truck passing by in city traffic at a distance of 5 meters. The new A330-300 will help Lufthansa continue its success story of decoupling transport performance from environmental burden.

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