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Help make air travel a civilized experience for all

The Sky Steward urges travelers to take “The Jetiquette Pledge”

With the hustle and bustle of summer travel quickly approaching, Gailen David, a.k.a. “The Sky Steward”, is asking all civilized travelers to come together and commit to the end of savage behavior associated with air travel by taking “The Jetiquette Pledge”. David, who has more than 30 years of experience in the airline and travel industry, is the creator of Jetiquette, an award winning program that helps promote a more civilized air travel experience. With this great effort, David hopes to bring back the golden age of travel when people actually enjoyed the travel experience.

The Jetiquette pledge states the following: “I am committed to making travel a more civilized experience for myself and others by exhibiting polite, courteous and considerate behavior to all I encounter when traveling.” In an effort to create a hassle-free, enjoyable air travel experience, travelers are encouraged to take the pledge and follow through with their own behavior in hopes it will catch on to those around them and create a more pleasurable environment for all.

Over time, air travel has been transformed from an experience that individuals enjoyed to an inconvenience that most would rather avoid. Many situations are out of a traveler’s control; but unlike weather delays, aircraft mechanical problems and air traffic control holding patterns, the manner in which travelers treat one another is a personal choice. The pledge is an important step towards restoring a pleasant atmosphere while traveling from one destination to another. There are various ways that individuals can implement “The Jetiquette Pledge” such as assisting a fellow traveler who is lost, wearing appropriate clothing , cleaning up after oneself after using the aircraft lavatory, and keeping conversation volume at a low-level as to not disturb others that are around you. Essentially, “The Jetiquette Pledge” asks a traveler to be considerate of others while in close proximity during air travel and to help maintain a safe and respectful atmosphere.  It hopes to establish a conduct code amongst air travelers, making air travel less annoying and more pleasant.