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Top marks at World Airport Award for Lufthansa Terminal of Munich Airport

Best marks for comfort, friendliness and services offered: Terminal 2 ranks right at the top in terms of popularity with the passengers…

Best marks for comfort, friendliness and services offered: Terminal 2 ranks right at the top in terms of popularity with the passengers. That was the result of the World Airport Award in which Munich Airport was elected as Europe`s best airport in 2005. Now the detailed results of the survey are available, in which Terminal 2 was awarded excellent values. On the criterion terminal comfort, Munich got the same excellent mark as the world`s best airport Hong Kong. Munich is also ranked along with the leader Hong Kong in the categories of friendliness of the personnel, transfer quality, convenience for the disabled, services for business travellers and orientation. The fact that Terminal 2 is so popular with the passengers is also confirmed by internal surveys: more than 80 percent of the Lufthansa passengers questioned are satisfied with the most modern terminal in Europe. We are proud that Terminal 2, which we opened together with FMG almost two years ago, has been given such excellent marks. The result is the consequence of a good partnership with Munich Airport and obliges us to continue to achieve best marks in all areas in future, says Karl-Ulrich Garnadt, Lufthansa`s Group Representative and Head of Hub Management in Munich.

Worldwide esteem is enjoyed by Terminal 2 primarily thanks to its comfort. The passengers praised the spacious design as well as the luxurious check-in hall, the comfort and the cleanliness of the terminal as well as the variety of seating possibilities. On all criteria Munich was awarded the maximum number of five points.

Also in terms of its range of services for business travellers, Munich matches up to Hong Kong. Excellent marks were given to the wireless internet access and the diversity of the TV/entertainment programme offered. For example, in the departure area of Terminal 2, a total of 36 flat-screen TVs ensure that entertainment is provided throughout the area. In the Lufthansa lounges, passengers can inform themselves about the latest world news in the television zones.

Top marks worldwide also for accessibility and orientation: The signposting in the Terminal and the convenient transfers were each rewarded with five points. Because nowhere else in Europe can passengers transfer from one flight to the next than in Terminal 2: thanks to the special architectural arrangement, passengers have the possibility of making a transfer within 30 minutes. Top marks were also given to the point Boarding calls/flight information screens: for example, the passengers are informed extensively about their flights via more than almost 300 flat-screen monitors. In addition, only in Terminal 2 can the passenger obtain information about the airport as well as tourism highlights in Bavaria and the city of Munich from 18 multilingual information terminals per touch-screen.

There was also special praise for the airport personnel: friendliness and linguistic proficiency were particularly highlighted and with four points was equally highly rated as the leader Hong Kong. This is also confirmed by an internal survey conducted by Lufthansa in Terminal 2: Up to 93 percent of the passengers questioned were satisfied with the service on the ground and in the air.

Munich also bears comparison with the world`s best airport in terms of its suitability for disabled persons: thus Terminal 2 is tailored to satisfy the needs of disabled passengers like no other European airport terminal building. Already in the planning phase the building was designed in close cooperation with the disabled persons` associations, with the result that all facilities go beyond the legal requirements.

Terminal 2 was opened in summer 2003 as the home of the Munich hub and since then has been regarded as the most modern airport terminal in Europe. The Terminal is used exclusively by Lufthansa, the Star Alliance and the partner Airlines, and was financed and built – and is now operated by – Lufthansa in cooperation with Munich Airport.

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