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Travel agent Lunn Poly books with NEC-Mitsubishi

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display-UK LTD (NMD-UK) has announced the completion of the final phase of a

NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display-UK LTD (NMD-UK) has announced the completion of the final phase of a £900,000 contract to  introduce LCD monitors to 300 Lunn Poly  shops across the UK.

NMD-UK has provided 2,400, 15-inch flat panels in accordance with designer specifications for each refurbished Lunn Poly shop.

The LCD panels represent a shift from the tour operator’s traditional CRT approach. Lunn Poly and the new shop designers considered CRT monitors to be too bulky and impractical for a role which demands concentrated use of the monitor by both the sales consultant and the customer. As a result, LCD monitors were incorporated into the original designs of the shop to create a more space efficient, ergonomically friendly and customer focused experience for both staff and customers. NMD-UK won the order following a competitive pitch against other leading manufacturers, including Phillips, due to its ability to provide cost efficient, high quality, multimedia products at a very competitive price.

Two products have been deployed across the shops, the NEC Multisync LCD1525M and, more recently, its successor the NEC Multisync LCD1550M.

Both panels not only offer a multimedia capability that is ideal for travel agents showing video clips of their chosen resorts, but also provide an easy to use tilt function that provides maximum viewing flexibility. Users also benefit from a high brightness display with excellent contrast and a viewing angle of 120 degrees.

The LCD 1525M/1550M not only offer travel agents significant space saving, the have a lower total cost of ownership than previous CRT models thanks to a significant reduction in power consumption and heat output.

Mark Finch, Project Manager, Lunn Poly said: “NEC-Mitsubishi was able to offer us a flat panel which not only complemented the design of the store, but also met with all our technical specifications and provided us with a cost efficient, space saving unit. We have been continually impressed by the high quality of service and product we have received and we are already speaking to NMD-UK about placing another order in 2003.”

Locations which have already implemented the displays are as follows: Leamington Spa, Aberdeen, Stockport, Exeter.

John McGrath, Managing Director, NMD-UK said: “Lunn Poly needed a screen that was easy to manipulate and enabled both the customer and travel agent to view from all sides of the desk without having to sit face on to the monitor. Our fifteen inch range is designed to do just that and will provide both agents and customers with a consistent, sharp image across all new, UK retail outlets.”