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Two fifths of Britons would partake in medical experiment for dream holiday

A new poll by the UK’s fastest growing online independent travel agent has revealed the lengths Britons would go to in order to get their hands on their dream holiday, with a quarter claiming they would give up their job if it meant getting their ideal break.

With many looking to book holidays at this time of year, one of the UK’s leading online independent travel agents has conducted research to find out what exactly Britons would be prepared to do if it meant they could go on their dream holiday afterwards. polled a sampled of 2,016 employed people in the UK and respondents were asked the multiple-answer question, ‘Which of the following would you be prepared to do for your dream holiday?’

The most popular answers were as follows:

  • Eat the world’s hottest chilli – 88%
  • Bungee Jump – 62%
  • Stay overnight in a haunted house alone – 57%
  • Take part in a medical experiment – 44%
  • Eat chewing gum off the street – 38%
  • Give up job – 23%
  • Swim the English Channel – 21%
  • Eat own vomit – 15%
  • Give away pet – 11%
  • Swim with Great White Sharks – 8%

Respondents were also given the chance to select ‘other’ and then specify what they would be willing to do for their dream holiday. 1 respondent claimed they would ‘not eat for a week’ and another suggested they would go without sleep for 5 days.

The people who took part in the poll were also asked questions surrounding where in the world their dream holiday would be spent. USA was the most popular choice, closely followed by Australia and the Caribbean.

Chris Brown, co-founder of, commented on the findings of the study: “Not many people get to experience their dream holiday, yet we all have an idea in our minds of what our ideal break would be. A conversation in the office about what we’d do in order to get our dream holiday got us thinking about what lengths other people would go to.

“The majority of the respondents said that they’d eat the world’s hottest chilli, which would obviously cause a bit of discomfort, but shouldn’t have lasting effects. However, giving up your job and your pet is a bit drastic; it just goes to show that people would give up a lot for their dream break! Here at, we’d recommend saving hard in order to get exactly what you want from a holiday and, who knows, your dream break could be available for less than you think!”

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