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Third International Tourism System Forum

Where is incentive tourism going?

Today, incentive tourism is one of the most important industries in every country. What are its …

Today, incentive tourism is one of the most important industries in every country. What are its prospects? What are its future developments? What are the strategies that the international operators adopt to win? In agreement with the attention that EXPOcts has always paid to the analysis of trends and developments, the Third International Tourism Forum will address incentive tourism with contributions from world-class analysts and experts.

The Third International Tourism System Forum organised by EXPOcts at the PalaBit includes an important occasion for discussion on Tuesday 17th February 2004 with the conference: “Dove va il turismo incentive: il mercato internazionale, le tendenze e le strategie vincenti” (Where is incentive tourism going? The international market, trends and winning strategies) with speeches by Roger A. Harvey, Chairman of ITMA – Incentive Travel & Meetings Association, and Padraic Gilligan, Past President of SITE Ireland – The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives and Key Representative of SITE International.

Because of the international scope of their business and studies, the two illustrious representatives of the incentive tourism market will present research and statistic information and will give their view of the most advanced strategies and solutions adopted today.

As in the past years, which saw the participation of such important speakers as Jeremy Rifkin, Chairman of the Foundation on Economic Trends of Washington, and Robert Mundell, Nobel Prize for Economics in 1999, the speakers of the Third International Tourism System Forum will meet a public of travel agents, tour operators, incentive houses, hotel chains, airlines, corporate members.

To take part in the Forum, registration at Bit Receptions as operators is required.

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