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Wholesale Flights explains why planning is so important

Wholesale Flights: Business class flying offers ample benefits

In recent years, commercial flight has endured many changes. Travelers are expected to comply with strict security measures, major airlines doubt their profitability and fliers must abide by new fees and restrictions regarding on-board comfort. According to a recent article from The New York Times, the rise of ancillary fees—such as paying for extra baggage or a business class seat—has created a major disconnect in traveler etiquette. The article focuses on a rising trend where individuals traveling alone, mostly professional, are forced to concede to the sense of entitlement that not-so-frequent fliers carry. Wholesale Flights, online travel arrangement site, observes these trends and notes that these behaviors stress the importance of planning ahead.

The article observes a common pattern reported from business travelers. Many make conscious decisions to purchase a seat of their choice to match their comfort level and enjoy additional legroom. Despite their proper planning, these travelers are often asked by less-experienced couples or families to move so that they can sit together. While many politely oblige, there are cases when flight attendants have forced the individual to trade seats in favor of the family or couple. 

Vlad V., CFO of Wholesale Flights, interprets these trends as a major gap in consumer understanding. "Every passenger has a different experience with the travel industry – some may be on flights multiple times a week, and others may have only flown a few times in their life. It’s important for every traveler to use proper planning to avoid any ‘etiquette’ issues during the flight." He notes that the earlier a family plans the better chances they have at sitting together.

"Make use of additional fees that ensure comfort. They may seem extraneous, but the reason airfare is so cheap is because many conveniences have been removed from the flight experience."

While not every business class traveler can afford to avoid these situations by upgrading to first class, some feel that it is necessary. The article highlights the process of Lawrence Cohen, frequent flier, and states, "His preference for an aisle seat in the front row of first class is so strong that he will shop around for other flights if he can’t book that choice on a particular flight."

While that example may seem extreme, Vlad V. says there is some wisdom to Cohen’s methods, "Booking a trip in advance through an online resource, such as Wholesale Flights, is a great way to compare prices. It also is a great way of helping a consumer understand what their exact options are whether they choose to fly economy, business or first class."