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Yandex users’ demands for the tours increased by 50%

According to the research of ATOR Analytical Service, a possitive dynamics of the demand for the tours can be noted in search system during 11 months of 2010. It’s interesting to note, that the demand in November and October was higher than in September, and October in absolute numbers of requests didn’t let August to have the lead (1 153 000 requests). The majority of New Year’s or January tours were booked in October, November and December.

The maximal dynamics of the demand was noted in October. The demand for the tours to different countries increased by more than 80% in comparison with the same period of last year. The minimal dynamics was noted in February, 2010 when the demand increased by almost a quarter in comparison with 2009.

The highest growth of the demand during 11 months of 2010 was noted for Tunisia (increase by more than two times in comparison with the same period of last year). The demand for the tours to Spain, Greece and Thailand increased by more than 70%. The demand for the Maldives and Italy increased by more than 60% in Yandex search system. The number of the requests for Turkey, France, Cyprus, China and Indonesia increased by more than 50%. The demand for tours to Croatia, Egypt and Israel increased by 40%. The growth of 30% can be noted for the tours to India, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and Finland.

Nevertheless, Egypt kept the leading position in general rating of all the requests with the share of 18.1%. The 2nd place went to Turkey with the share of 15.2%. The 3rd place took Italy with the share of 5.3%. Then went Greece (4.1%), Thailand (4.1%) and Spain (3.5%).