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Extraordinary Journeys showcases the perfect 2020 adventures in Africa

Cruise the Nile in comfort (Credit: Nile Dahabiya Boats)

Re-discover Africa’s wild side with new itineraries to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt from the award-winning African destination specialist and travel expert.


NEW YORK, NY – Extraordinary Journeys reveals top travel destinations to visit in 2020 with unique itineraries to Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, and Egypt. The award-winning destination expert and safari travel specialist recommends avoiding crowds with these less-traveled but equally adventurous locations. Looking at 2020 and beyond, Extraordinary Journeys encourages travelers to find the more rugged, unspoiled, and emerging gems across Africa for a truly unique and unforgettable trip.

Ethiopia often flies under the radar for visitors, but for those willing to explore a more adventurous destination, it is a true hidden gem filled with unexpected diversity and rich in history, culture, cuisine, and natural beauty. 

A few more reasons why we love it… Ethiopia offers a different experience than many other destinations in Africa, with ancient traditions, churches dating to 1000 BC or earlier, a long written history and culture to uncover. The country boasts incredible scenery and an abundance of unique wildlife sighting opportunities. Ethiopia's mountains are home to several rare species that cannot be found in other popular safari destinations, such as Kenya or Tanzania, including the Mountain Nyala, Ethiopian Wolf, Gelada Baboons, and the Walia Ibex.

A few highlights… Travelers can helicopter over the Danakil Depression, visit island monasteries on Lake Tana, taste some of Ethiopia's finest roasts on a coffee tour, encounter Gelada Baboons in the Simien Mountains, learn about the region's written history dating back to the meeting of King Solomon and The Queen of Sheba, and experience remote and traditional cultures in the Omo Valley. 

Why Go Now: Improved roads and great accommodations make Ethiopia a must-visit for 2020, plus no timetables or schedules, nor overwhelming hordes of tourists. Local people throughout the country are welcoming and sincerely interested in visitors.  Ethiopia's vast range of landscapes and altitudes means there is no single "best" season to go, making it a great year-round destination. Ethiopia offers an opportunity to trek the Simien Mountains for an encounter with the fascinating Gelada Baboons, or the Bale Mountains for endemic Ethiopian wolves and giant lobelia plants.  

From the untouched old world of Mana Pools National Park and the open plains of Hwange National Park to the jaw-dropping scale of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe has long been famous for having some of the best safari guides in the business. Offering a diverse array of landscapes, abundant wildlife, and pleasantly warm weather, this adventure-fueled destination is the ideal place to combine wildlife viewing with adventure activities. Zimbabwe's proximity to Victoria Falls and neighboring Zambia offers an opportunity to combine traditional safari experiences with water-based adventures including some of the best commercial river rafting in the world. 

A few more reasons why we love it… Zimbabweans are warm, resilient, and proud people who are delighted to share their culture and the beauty of their land with the rest of the world. Zimbabwe's passion for both the wildlife and the country's landscape as a whole is infectious. From a wildlife perspective, Zimbabwe has historically made strides in conservation, working hard to establish themselves as a leader in the field. For those looking for active adventure, Victoria Falls boasts countless adventure activities including bungee jumping, canopy rides and walks, hikes, and river rafting. 

Why Go Now: Zimbabwe as a safari destination still remains a bit under the radar compared to others on the continent, making 2020 the perfect time to visit before that changes. Zimbabwe's travel opportunities are exploding, with so much to see beyond wildlife. The cities are vibrant with an eclectic mix of art, music, and people, while fabulous luxury lodges and tented camps flourish in the bush which remain charming, genuine and authentic.

Egypt is reinventing itself as a tourist destination and offers so much more than its world-famous pyramids. Aside from its many famous attractions, this desert country houses ancient ruins and mystical oases, along with ancient cultures blended with modern city characteristics. 

A few more reasons why we love it… As a tourist destination, Egypt is known for several main draws, including the Red Sea, its pyramids and temples dating back to 2630 BC, the richness of its hieroglyphics and ancient beliefs, and the Nile. Extraordinary Journeys reveals there is much more to discover. Visitors can enjoy desert trekking, scuba diving, golfing, fishing, bird watching or floating along the Red Sea. Extraordinary Journeys also recommends cruising from Luxor to Aswan on a private dahabiya (small sailing vessel) that will allow travelers to visit temples when no one else is there, drop anchor at islands in the Nile and join in village feasts and dancing. 

A few highlights… The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Valley of the Kings need no introduction in the world of antiquity, the sun-soaked beaches of the Red Sea with their scuba diving are a massive attraction to those from colder climes, and a cruise on the Nile floods back memories of Cleopatra. 

Why Go Now: The new Grand Egyptian Museum is currently undergoing construction at the cost of $1 billion, and will house the King Tut artifacts – many will be seen for the first time and will be in coherent context. The museum's glass-fronted building offers sweeping views of the Giza plateau and Great Pyramids and is close to the fabulous reconstructed Solar Boat. 

Two new airports and a highway circling Cairo are making access much easier. New tombs are being discovered and opened to the public. 

Finally stabilizing after years of political turmoil means that Egypt has some great deals on some of the country's — and the continent's – most historic and iconic hotels, including the Winter Palace Luxor and the Legend Old Cataract Aswan Hotel.

Extraordinary Journeys' 13 Nights in Ancient Egypt itinerary combines classic highlights with favorite lesser-known sites. Accompanied by a private egyptologist each step of the way, guests of Extraordinary Journeys will enjoy exclusive access to Egypt's most iconic sites while avoiding the crowds.

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