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EyeWide sponsors the 2018 “Psiloritis Race”

The race aims to promote physical activity in conjunction with the environment and the Cretan nature.

In line with its social responsibility pledge, EyeWide Digital Marketing sponsors the creation and implementation of the digital marketing campaign (PPC Advertising and PR) for the International Mountain Race Psiloritis Race, which takes place on the island of Crete,  Sunday, June 3, 2018.

The race aims to promote physical activity in conjunction with the environment and the Cretan nature. Runners from all over the world will gather in the mountains of Crete in June to follow one of the island’s sacred routes in a race that will test their spirit of adventure and endurance. The 35 kilometers race trail starts on Nida plateau in Anogia and covers the route once followed by pilgrims from Knossos, the sacred city of the Minoans, up to the summit of Psiloritis (Mount Ida – 2,456 m above sea level) where they honored their god, Zeus Cretagenes. 

Minas Liapakis, Co-founder of EyeWide Digital Marketing had this to say about the sponsorship: “The Psiloritis Race is exactly the kind of event we need to be promoting on Crete. At EyeWide Digital Marketing we’ve made it our mission to inform the world about the diversity of tourism opportunities beyond our wonderful beaches, historic, and cultural attractions. Events like this help showcase Crete’s exquisite sporting and outdoors value.

The Psiloritis Race aims to draw attention to Greek and foreign athletes who are dedicated to mountain running, giving them the opportunity to experience a difficult, yet unique race estimated to last about seven hours.

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