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Global Citizen Solutions announce the world’s best passports for Quality of Life in 2022

Sweden ranks on top followed by Finland, Denmark and Canada.

LONDON – Global Citizen Solutions, a data-driven immigration investment consultancy firm headquartered in the UK and Portugal, with offices worldwide announced the release of its first-ever Quality of Life Index. Conducted using a robust quantitative scoring system across several criteria and categories, the Quality of Life Index, accounts for the overall standard of living that a nation can offer, focusing on the aspects that make a country ‘desirable’ for expats, international retirees, and digital nomads. 

The top 10 best passports for Quality of Life are: 

  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Denmark
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • UK 
  • Spain 
  • Austria 
  • Sweden: One of the happiest countries in the world

With many beautiful landscapes, a corporate culture that has fully embraced a good work-life balance, and a country that leads in global development, Sweden has claimed the top spot in Global Citizen Solutions´ pioneering Quality of Life Index.  Global Citizen Solutions data analysts looked at each nation's areas deemed the most important to assess a country's living desirability. Here are the six main indicators considered for the Quality of Life Index: 

  • Sustainable Development Goals (weighted at 30%)
  • Cost of living (weighted at 20%)
  • Level of freedom (weighted at 20%)
  • Level of happiness (weighted at 10%)
  • Environmental performance (weighted at 10%)
  • Migrant acceptance (weighted at 10%)

Sweden scored 87.2 in the Quality of Life Index, ranking high in sustainable development, level of freedom, environmental performance, happiness levels, and migrant acceptance categories. Sweden only ranked unfavorably in the cost of living category, which is considered high. However, the country has relatively high salaries for its population, which increases the cost of living. 

“In Sweden, as with other Scandinavian countries, there is a great weight given to social equality and an emphasis on the importance placed on life outside the office and on a healthy work-life balance. From kindergarten, there are 16 months of paid family leave that can be split between the couple after a new child is born, with free daycare also available,” comments Patricia Casaburi, Managing Director at Global Citizen Solutions.  

While most passport rankings focus solely on the number of countries that one can visit visa-free with a certain passport, Global Citizen Solutions believes that a passport’s true value has so much more to offer. As  a result, their team of analysts created a pioneering Global Passport Index, which includes an all-encompassing ranking system that considers a passport’s attractiveness level for international mobility, investment opportunities, and quality of living. 

Sweden’s Passport rankings:

  • Enhance Mobility Index – 15th
  • Investment Index – 31st 
  • Quality of Life Index – 1st 
  • Overall Global Passport Index – 6th (USA #1st, Germany #2nd, Canada #3rd, Netherlands #4th, Denmark #5th)
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